Monday, October 20, 2008

Upon Deaf Ears

Like ink upon fingers, it feels sticky yet unbound.

Tears fall down the cheeks of one I supposedly loved.

Lies fill their ears until they can no longer wish to hear them at all.

Pain fills my heart and I face the truth.

Bitten nails, scratched skin.

Feeling you are the only one suffering and seeing only your problems.

What are you to do?

Perhaps slowly die, or slowly suffer.

Words hurt more though.

And they fall upon deaf ears. Who do you expect to listen?

If they can not even hear what you speak.

Their eyes watch you, their hands feel.

But they can not hear the precious voice within.

They do not hear the cries of pain or love...

They hear nothing.

And you as a fool...

stand there talking, as if the words would fall..

upon deaf ears...