Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's a been a long hard year for me but my friends, you all have helped me make it through.

Even though you all aren't near me, you're arms reached to me and have held me when I cried, comforted me when i was angered, and shown me so many things I may have never learned without you.

I want to thank you all, for every moment, every second I've spent my time with you, for always making me smile and laugh like crazy xD


Thank you for the acceptance, the comfort, the laughter, the joy, and for the wonderful friendship I share with all of you.

May 2010 bring us more laughs, more smiles, and many more happy memories together.


Feliz año nuevo amigos, gracias por siempre esta aqui conmigo, en los momentos malos, y buenos tambien. Que este año te trae muchas felicidades y paz.

Love you all, Happy New Year

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I got in the mood for singing, and did so xD

lemme know what you think please, I'm trying to improve, i pause a bit towards the end, but that's cuz i got distracted by a text msg.

Things have been alright on my side of the world.

Got my ipod touch, and im happy with it.

Got rock band, sims 3, assassin's creed, glow hockey, cookin mama, guitar 2 (this one sucks just saying, luckily was free app, deleting later on), and hangman on it. those are just the games

for social networking got fb, ebuddy for chatting cuz that one had best ratings and comments, and skype for calling, but havent used those yet

mostly cuz got no internet connection working xD and my connection is being an ass.

but im more into the games atm anyway.

well then, tomorrow might go out with friends, if they come late though im not waiting, i got sick of that "we'll be there by this and this time" and then coming like hour or so later.

So i warned, if they dont come, at latest, 12 pm, im gone without them.

dont wait on no one anymore.

ooo! and david choi's coming to nyc, 5 days before my bday, i wanna go see.

this guy ->

he's awesome, and i wanna go see so bad, so asked another old bud of mine if she can come, and she's askin her mom :''DDD hopefully will know by tomorrow so i can order tickets.

thats all for now! laterz

Saturday, December 26, 2009


What is this?
I'm angry?
Now I see her hanging with us again...and I'm...feeling left out now..
We were being so close, and now it's only used me to get HER angry...
It feels that way at least...and the fact she's suddenly so happy around us...
Yes you resolved the problem with her, but...what the..

I don't wanna say it, but I'm....
I'm jealous?!

Oh my...I'm jealous...
Why?! this wasn't a prob before...

Am I starting to wish you're attention was only on me?


if the way I'm acting is ruining our friendship...

then someone please, pull the trigger already.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Omegle Website

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
You: hullo
Stranger: m or f
You: f
Stranger: nice =)
You: and u? o.o
Stranger: m
Stranger: age?
Stranger: im 19
You: 235 and still kicking :D
Stranger: what :S
You: jk xD im 15
Stranger: good =)
Stranger: do u have a msn adress?
You: maaaaybe
Stranger: =))
Stranger: please )=(
You: i dont even know you though xP
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: my english is not too good
Stranger: but
Stranger: please
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You: what do you need it for darling
Stranger: i need a girl
You: im taken sorry
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You: dude o.o im taken
You: sorry but, try finding someone else? on a better site at least xD
Stranger: i want to u
Stranger: not someone else
You: you barely know me man, besides age and sex, i dont go around like that, and im with someone, i dont cheat :P
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Friday, December 18, 2009


she's turnin' blue~

hullo all :o

guess what!? im sick xD

idk what it is, but my stomach keeps feeling nauseous and its annoying, had thrown up thursday morning, it was awful. Now i cant eat much cuz of how it makes my stomach feel and crap x.x so that makes me more tired than usual.

well, grandmother was sent to hospital on thursday, same day i got sick. She couldnt even walk, thats how bad her swollen leg got. And i've been thinking lately its my fault she got this bad.


Not too long ago when she complained of me being disrespectful to her to dad and got me in trouble, i got so pissed, i said to myself i hope she dies so i don't have to deal with this anymore.

you never know how strong words can be until something like this happens. I've been hoping that she gets well, and that nothing happens to her...i imagine myself laying on her couch looking up at the ceiling crying for forgiveness...

all this happening while im sick isn't good cause i just end up feeling worse.


and dad says i should feel ashamed cuz i was disrespectful to her on wednsday, when that time i wasn't -.- i admit i was disrespectful to HIM over the phone, but not to her.

so he's pissed with me and crap, i tried hugging him today and last night, he basically pushed me away.

i was supposed to go to school today but didn't, and i had wanted to go on the skating trip ._. but in the end, i turned off my alarm telling myself i'd stay home.

I had a vocab test too, so idk whats gonna happen with that..

ooo, and i put fake nails on x.x

typing only took a lil time to get used to, but texting is hell, was msging gf on phone and it took me forever to respond xD

and every time i tried being faster just ended up being slower xDD

oh lordy, i guess thats all i got to say now, laterz

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hullo from a chilly room temperature.

Good day to you all, and to all a good night~

don't ask.

well, looooong time no see. last blog, answer to that transfer question i left you guys on for weeks, is no. Would've had to done it during the summer way I wanted to, but again, influence of mother dear.

Well, this week's been rough. Stress attacked soon as monday afternoon came. And I already forgot wth got me stressed on monday.

But yeah lotsa crap goin down, found out a lot of stuff I didn't expect, a lot of stuff I kinda wish I wasn't told.

1) possibility of my own mother planning to get my dad into jail, to make him seem like the bad one in this "relationship"

like wtf? didn't get enough thrill on torturing us for past 19 years?

Not even gonna continue on that, because even IDK if it will happen, if she even truly plans to.

2) this week some idiot cry baby at school decides to get me in trouble for the most retarded reasons!

Yan, thats his name =_= jewish kid, I used to have no prob with talking to, but we had incident in the beginning of the year

he said something very insulting to me, i hit him in the head.

Yeah, anger probs, piss me off the wrong way and that's what ppl will recieve. A fuckin smack to the face, and I can beat the crap out of someone if I wanted to, I just control myself from that point.

anyway, I was warned, and apparently I was to keep my hands to myself.

Day before yesterday i was doing group work with him, was asking for the dictionary, and he wasnt answering me, so I tapped him on the damn head and APPARENTLY that was a very hard hit =_=

I was trying to get his fucking attention, thats what you gotta do with tone deaf ignorant bitches!

and then he goes "alex i thought we werent supposed to hit!" i looked at him saying i never agreed to that and he shouldnt go off complaining about it to anyone because I didn't mean for it to seem like a hit.

and guess what the mother fucker does! goes off and tells one of our counselors, Kathe, AND tells our spanish teacher too =_=

Had to go to an unnecessary meeting with him and Beth, our other counselor, wasting MY time, which I could've used for hw, and studying.

So, I said he needs to stay away from me, because I don't need anymore of this, I have enough problems to deal with and I don't want to cause anymore, or get into anything with anyone.

we even had to sign a paper to agree on it like W T F /facepalm

so much fuckin waste of time. all cause he's a cry baby. Let him go through what I go through, and see wtf a "hard hit" is.

I'm sure the lil fucker is spoiled =_= either that or treated like lil prince at home.


I saw someone else hit him in the morning, and he didn't go off complaining like a lil baby.

such bullshit I swear.

today he also got bit close to me and I feel like telling Beth that =_= this time telling him to stay at least 6ft away, because I cant take any chances, people are bitches and love to see someone else get blamed.

he's also in most of my classes so imagine how annoying that is -_-

I wanna take that head smash against table!!!

yes I sound so abusive and crap, but gawd, when something like this is thrown at you when you have enough stress already its like wtf I have enough on my shoulders already.

you think people would just think before doing anything and think of what their "target" is going through for just a minute, and say to themselves "ya know what its not worth it" cause what did he get out of this? nothing, just the loss of my friendship, if it was even one.

I'm sure he's gossiping his lil ass off time to time about this, but ya know what, I don't care. Let him call me a bitch, and talk about me, and the next time this happens, if it ever does, I will blame him before he can get to me. Since HE'LL be the one breaking the rules.

and I'll be the one laughing home.

I'll be laughing because of how stupid he is, and just cause I need some happiness time to time.

This world is supposedly a combination of love and hate,

but I swear,

there's a huge possibility of at most, 97% being hate. The other 3%?

those are the ones who actually care...and I wish, we had more of them.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Rainy Days~

Zomg, today's monday and its rainy and rainy days make me sleepy D:

Weekend was okay, i went to mall saturday, enjoyed my time there.

Sunday I was down D:

I found out that my high school isn't like OFFICIAL high school of the college it states it is of.

-_- that really pissed me off, because this whole time I thought I was in Hunter College's official high school, I'm actually just in one of the branches of Hunter's schools.

And then I finally realized the choice I made this weekend over my high school in 8th grade.

I made such a wrong choice.

I at first really wanted to go to the art high school, Laguardia. (website: in case you wanna check it out)

and this is movie I watched about the school ->

But thing is, in 8th grade by the time I got the high school book and read about Laguardia, I was too late for the audition. Had no preparation time, and wouldn't be able to get an audition day anyway since the dates were over. So I put the high school i go to now on the list of schools I wanted to try getting into.


I chose a school that mainly focuses on science and math. My two worst subjects.

-__- and when i thought about it yesterday I finally realized what a stupid mistake I made. I don't belong at this school at all. I'm failing almost every class here!

I mostly chose it cause it's the high school that leads to the college I would like to get into.

When I was watching that movie of laguardia, dad saw and asked what I was listening to, and I told him, and he said that I should have thought of that when I was choosing what schools to go to. Because I chose this school just because it leads to hunter college, and that's where my bro went, and that would please my mother, for me to follow his foot steps. But what I needed to do was follow what I wanted to do. Not my brother, or what my mother thinks is best.

He told me the straight up truth, and I just cried saying "I know, I know. I've made so many wrong choices in my life, and this was one of the worst. Why do i always make wrong choices? I always make the wrong choices.."

I cried for a good 45 minutes over all this information coming down on me.

All this time passes, and I realize NOW what I had done. It pisses me off, and saddens me.

And whats worst is, i was hoping and praying that my counselor would tell that yes I could transfer when i asked her if its possible at this time, or for my 3rd year to transfer there.

She shook her head slowly, saying no. I just stared at her repeating no..I would've cried right there...but I didn't even know what to do, or how to react. Then I bumped into my english teacher from last year, Ms. Walsh, and started speaking with her, then my counselor apologized and said though that we can find a way to fit in the things I want to do, and went back to her office.

I walked back to Kathe's office, and sat down and Kathleen saw me (I spoke to her about all this before I went to my counselor Beth) and before she could ask, I shook my head saying bad news. And I told her that Beth said no. and she watched me saying, "she said no..?" and I nodded.

then I said that i just don't wanna be at this school anymore. I really don't...I don't belong there at all...

Then I went onto the laguardia website on the school comp in Kathe's office, and looked under 'contact us' and decided to email one of the secretaries to ask if I can transfer, just to see if there's still a possibility, with asking the ppl at the school itself.

and I'm hoping...there's some chance of me being able to transfer...but at the same time I doubt it will happen..

I'm just going to keep praying T_T

if only I did this when I needed to!

Inní mér syngur vitleysingur

Saturday, November 28, 2009


woke up, went for walk, bought hair dye and bleach and crap cuz dying hair light brown 8D

then me and parents went to mall!! WOOOO

was fun and not fun :O cause mom loves arguing as usual!

got new coat, but i'll try takin pic of that later,





-is so proud of way i posed her- onion head Pictures, Images and Photos

well thats all i got to say now BYE 8D!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

where'd ya go? i miss you so (._.)


Ever dreamed of a loved one hiding in your room?

Ever dream of a loved one planning out your doom?

Ever dreamed of the day that you'd someday meet?

Ever dreamed of the day you'd someday greet..

someday greet them kindly and say..?

say that without them you'd never be okay?

say that without them your life would end?

say all these things they may never comprehend?

Wishing you were there, and they were there too?

Wishing that this distance never separated you two?

Hoping that some day these wishes would come true?

Hoping that someday they would be here with you?

Ever dreamed of the day that you'd someday meet?

Ever dreamed of the day that you'd someday greet..

greet them with such open arms..?

greet them because with where they are.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm already gone~

Today was HELL!!!

yeeaaah, woke up, turned on comp, started hw and shiz.

doing hw lasted till like 5 pm or so..

parents were arguing then they started coming up to room yelling on about how i do nothing for them when i just started cleaning. arguing, arguing, arguing, arguing.

dad's still arguing with me like idiot while i'm straightening hair atm =_= saying im burning it and he's mad cuz i didn't mop his room when just yesterday he said he cleaned it!

oh gawsh. i think my parents hate me XD

mom again spoke how she's giving me 4 years to get my ass out of here.

I wanna go too o_O hell, wish i could leave now, would be so nice to live on my own without them. and when I do leave, I'm not coming back.

Don't need to deal with so much freakin drama and nonstop arguing and complaints.

If they are so upset with me, why'd they have me.

wouldve been better choice to not have me at all if things were gonna end up like this~


didn't get dosage of her again ;__; i think was cause of dad turning off comp earlier so i could pay attention to cleaning.

T_T i miss her!

;^; miss her so much..


i'll go cry later about it xD


the goodbye song for this blog iiisss..~

MySpace Music Playlist at

Saturday, November 21, 2009



hello all xD long time no post.

Well today I went to work WOOHOO (boohoo ._.)

Woke up seriously late though xD was supposed to get up at at least 9 am, got up at 10:22

so that pissed dad off and he kept saying not to bother going but i did, and then grandma came and i went on walk with her O: she made me laugh a lot xD

then when we got back was like 2 pm already, and in the end mom never went home to clean and decorate house like she said she would since DAD wouldnt let her -.- cuz he was mad at me for coming late.

so i dont think going to mall is happening tomorrow.


yesterday i saw the movie precious...WAS SO SAD T_T girl went through so much.

here's trailer ;_;

made me cry 2 times while watching ._.

but yeah, dad apparently didnt like cuz was too "graphic" thats why the shits rated R XDDD

and then he mentioned how they also included the lesbians so i said "whats the prob with lesbians in there" and he just kept talking about how he didnt like movie and mom looked at me smirking saying "what are you lesbian" then i looked at her and said 'what?" and she laughed

then dad said "cmon dont say that" and she laughed saying she was joking

gets me nervous though x,x when she asks me that, cause i don't want her finding out my orientation yet

she can find out when I'm far away from home, living on my own already.

same with dad.

only family member that knows is my oldest brother, and he was cool with it when i told him, just asked me how i knew i was bi /facepalm



bro's coming over this year :O -not one that knows my secret-

woo hoo

annnd thats all i got to say for now soooo...laterz everyone :D

Monday, November 16, 2009


*its not over

the end.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's over.

the end.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wensente: shes not loading 2 me T-T
Guest_JakeJayKay: She not loading for me either...v.v
LoboLunar: who o.o
littlemonkey666: .-.
LoboLunar: addaliz?
Guest_JakeJayKay: Monkey
littlemonkey666: >:I
LoboLunar: ohhhh, was about to day
LoboLunar: like i booted, so xD
littlemonkey666: :-)
LoboLunar: *say
LoboLunar: DAY WTF
LoboLunar: these effing typos!
Guest_PumaKat: tally..we're the only girls (in a way) >.<
Guest_JakeJayKay: xD
Guest_IblossomxD: o.o..
Wensente: xD
littlemonkey666: husband calm yourself
littlemonkey666: its ok
littlemonkey666: *kiss*
Guest_IblossomxD: O_O
littlemonkey666: lol.
LoboLunar: >_> suck my weener darlin
Guest_JakeJayKay: xD
LoboLunar: -takes off underpants- :D
littlemonkey666: *gets on my knees and sucks it*
Guest_PumaKat: plesent alex >.<
Guest_IblossomxD: Wait O.O when did monkey person get here?
LoboLunar: LOOOOL
Guest_IblossomxD: O_____O!
LoboLunar: OMFG
Guest_IblossomxD: x.x
Guest_JakeJayKay: LOL @ TALLY
LoboLunar: ROFL!
Guest_IblossomxD: X______x
Guest_IblossomxD: x.x
Guest_JakeJayKay: I think you just fried her inoccent little mind.
Guest_JakeJayKay: xD
LoboLunar: ROFL
Guest_IblossomxD: x___x
Guest_PumaKat: MINE TOO!!! >.<
LoboLunar: LOOOOL
Guest_JakeJayKay: XD
LoboLunar: OMG.
Guest_IblossomxD: -Dies- n.n
Guest_IblossomxD: x__x
Guest_JakeJayKay: Meh, my inoccent mid went away a LONG time ago..xD
Guest_JakeJayKay: *mind
Guest_PumaKat: -dies too-
Guest_PumaKat: x.x
Guest_JakeJayKay: And so did my spelling aprrently...
Guest_IblossomxD: xD
Guest_JakeJayKay: Gah!
Guest_JakeJayKay: Apparantly
Guest_JakeJayKay: My inoccense was replaced with stupidity...xD
Wensente: xD
Guest_JakeJayKay: =P
Guest_IblossomxD: O__O My Little sisters like "Why are they wearing underwaer?"
Guest_IblossomxD: O_o
Guest_IblossomxD: underwear** n.n
Guest_JakeJayKay: Cuz we're wonderfully smexi men...kinda...who can't afford to keep there clothes on.
Guest_JakeJayKay: xD
LoboLunar: back
Guest_JakeJayKay: J'ai soif....
Guest_JakeJayKay: Wb
Guest_PumaKat: wb
Guest_JakeJayKay: Brb
Guest_JakeJayKay: xD
LoboLunar: ty
LoboLunar: o.o ok
Guest_PumaKat: go drink something
Guest_IblossomxD: Wb o:
LoboLunar: ty
Guest_IblossomxD: xD
Guest_PumaKat: vince stripped ^-^
LoboLunar: vince went shitless?
Guest_PumaKat: xDDD
LoboLunar: LOL OMG
LoboLunar: *shirtless XDDDD
Guest_IblossomxD: o.o
Guest_IblossomxD: XDDD!
Guest_IblossomxD: Fail !! XDD
Guest_PumaKat: xDDDDDDDD
Guest_PumaKat: we love you alex xDDDDDDDDD
Guest_IblossomxD: <3!

Friday, November 13, 2009


well today I was dead tired in the morning at school xD

like I felt it so much today. I was almost falling asleep in history class, then I felt seriously sluggish in geometry.

Lunch time woke me up a bit, and so did gym.

Most hw is in english and chemistry, and I'm scared to do chemistry ;_; and I have essay due next friday in english. GAAAAAH



well tomorrow getting up EXTRA early cause I'm going shopping at costco with guidance counselor for the student council xD

means I'm gonna be tired in morn again x.x but she needs help, so i wont complain.

I'm getting back into old songs i used to dance to, and I think I might start dancing again. I miss it. I think? xD

lately been writing short blogs ;^; i miss having more to write about! but I have nothing in mind now, so I guess continuation of this will--



Now I know what I can type about 8]



xD okay alex get on with it.

Well I haven't gotten my dosage of Mikee since like week before last week D: and I miss her and all, but I keep thinking about the relationship a lot lately.

Like, should I just end it, should I stay with her cause I love her so much, should I forget about thinking that this will last, etc.

One big thought that stood out was:

I should leave her, but I love her so much, so why should I when things are going well?

Its like I wanna dump her but I don't want to at same time!

I think I'm comparing inrl relationships to online ones. Considering my relationship with Mikee is online, I'm having a lot of doubts about me being able to last so long like this. On top of that, I only get to speak to her like once a week, or so.

and it kills me because I NEED her with me like each day. I WISH I could have her everyday with me. But I've told her, even if she can't come on week days like she said, coming on even just once on the weekend would make me so happy.

It would count as my "dosage" of her. Yes she's a drug, got a prob with that?

anywayz...yeah, I've been thinking about all this a lot. it's pissing me off cause I have feeling I'm going to end up hurting her. She's such freakin' angel, and I love her. But it's like, I need more than just words in a window chat, I think that's how I'm starting to feel.

I need her next to me, going to the same school as me, studying with me, eating lunch with me, coming over to my house, dancing and singing with me, DOING EVERYTHING WITH ME!

number one thing ofc, making out

rofl xD

anywayz, thats just whats been on my mind for like past 2 days.

thats it for now, so, laterz everyone :D

Thursday, November 12, 2009

If walls could talk~

Been listening to If walls could talk by Celine Dion and I'm in love with it all over again :D

I love the wooorrrdddssss

check it out?


anywayz today was regular day, I was tired though xD

didn't get enough rest. BUUUUUUT NO HW YAAAAAAAAY FINALLY!!!!

I wanted to start my english weekend hw but ehh...lazyness xD

BUT ANYWAYZ dad's gettin on my case bout doin better in school and ALALALA dont wanna detail atm.

I saw poster while walkin to school about some place thats gonna have titantic artifacts on display O: I wanna see...

might ask dad to go with me one of these daaaays~!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I dream of the day
when you walk by and say
"hey, how's it going?"
I dream of the day
when you walk by this way
and notice me, smilin'
I dream of the day
when you can't come this way
but you'll come anyway
cause your my friend, I say
I dream of the day
when you walk by and wave
and I run up to you
say "how do you do?"
then cry cause I'm so happy
To finally be meeting
the friend of over a year
the best friend of a life time
the parent figure that I wish was here..
the comforter of my rough times...
I dream of the day
that you don't go away
that you can actually come over
that you can actually hug me again over and over
I dream of the day
I wait for the day..
The day that will one day come true...

The day I'll finally be smiling, because I am next to you...

Dedicated to all of my dear online know who you are...
I love you all very much
and I want you all to know that...

even if you're all gone...I will still be here...

smiling of our good times, laughing at the bad.

and crying for you, because you've all made a great affect on me..

This poem basically screams out how much I wish to meet every single one of you, and how much I wish...deeply wish you were all where I am.

Yes we are far apart...but it's a small world..

and dreams can come true can't they?

Yes, dreams can come true.

our dreams WILL come true..just believe.

Believe with me, that one day, some day, we will all sit together, laugh together, cry together, and finally be together.


bloody biscuits

today was no school cause of veteran's daaaay yayness.

Homework gets on my nerves though. Almost done, and copying kasha's chemistry work tomorrow xD

english is the most annoying hw e.e...


yeeeaaaah mom called me asking to look up prices of west side story tickets. i got annoyed cause she wants to see a show with me. i kinda dont wanna see a show with her.

and i responded in a grumpy mood when she asked i wanna go, so she got pissed and said "listen you lil ungrateful thing, i wanna call you something else but i can't so i'll call you lil ungrateful in a bad mood? fine then i wont talk to you, have a nice day" and she hung up. I could tell she wanted to call me a bitch just by the way her voice sounded xD

i just called dad to ask him to tell her i dont want to go to a show with her for a specific reason, and he said not him that its between me and her. and i heard her in the background saying she didnt wanna talk to that..i guess in english would be spoiled brat.

she ruined my mood. and I probably sounded angry cuz I was busy doing hw.

but yeah...-sigh- now I'm just angry and i hate when my mood is ruined.



This family has me sick already.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

nothing is there

I'm sitting here crying and you can't even hear me.
I'm sitting here sighing and you don't even look at me.

No, instead you shut the fucking door.
No, instead you try to ignore.

what happened to peace?
what happened to love?

It's gone, it doesn't exist.
Just another thing I have to buy added to my long list.

You think you wanna die?
You think I'm the one to blame?

Step into my shoes,
and swallow the tears, taste the pain.

I wish you'd hear the screaming in my head,
wish you'd try to understand, try to care.

But the only thing from you that I'm feeling..

Is the fact that nothing's there...

Monday, November 2, 2009


ohhh gosh. it's been forever since I've written here.

well then, hi all who bother to read this xD

wonder how you have been doing v.v

I haven't been so bad but haven't been so great either.

was sick last week with some stomach virus (least that's what I think it was) so missed a lot of work and crap, and now I think I have like no time to raise my grades before report cards get sent out. so much bull shit~

got a lot of homework too just cause I got no school tomorrow (cause of election day) And I wanted to do the homework today but I came home in pain with a huge headache and then a bunch of stomach pain and now I just feel wasted sitting here. Dead tired, didn't even do much today...maybe it was the stupid chem test


I failed, needed 15 more points to just pass that crap. on top of that this time he made those who failed talk to him. and he told me, that I need to go to him after school once a week. doesn't matter what I day, i come whatever day i want, just gotta be there after school. And if i don't go, then he's taking me to the principal, and we're gonna discuss why "i want to fail chemistry".

-rolls eyes-

-_- just more stress.

and mother keeps saying i better get good grades for report card if not for progress report and i keep warning that I may not get up there by report card time, and i havent gotten any progress report shit.

I spoke with dad about last week and he seemed to understand.

Mom keeps saying how if i don't get good grades by report card time then I'm not getting sweet sixteen birthday party =_= and my dad said not to listen to, and now I could care less about whether i get a party or not, cause with her around it'll just be hell anyway.


-sigh- im done with typing this.

oh and, good song -V

MySpace Playlist at


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gas Leak?


There was a gas leak xD

We had a fire drill at 7:30 am, then all of a sudden in 2nd period at like 9 or 9:15-ish the fire alarm rang again o.o so I felt something was wrong, cause why would we have 2 fire drills, its only one each time we do it, and a different time each time xD

So on way down to exit building, the students from the other school kept saying that there's a gas leak. I was like O_O OH LORDY

We stood outside for hour and a half, luckily it wasn't cold to point we freeze out there for so long. We saw Con Edison come, and police as well, and everyone was just wondering what the hell was going on XD

when we finally got to go back in, it was lunch time, and then they went around saying that they didn't know what was going to happen just yet, so to just stay in 2nd period classroom. We were hungry though =_= and wanted our lunch time, and we sat in there for a good 3 hours because principals of all school were having meeting as to what to do, and in end they sent us back to class in 6th period -_- dumb fucks i swear, took 3 hours just to continue school day, i wanted to go home.

I was lucky to get my lunch at my locker few minutes before they sent us to our 6th period classes, but a lot of people didn't get to eat anything at all, because they couldn't provide people with lunch. That really pissed me off cause people had huge headaches since they didn't eat, and certain ones were so bad they looked sick. My friend Katelin looked like she suddenly got a seriously bad cold, and said how her head hurt so much.

Our teacher said how the lunches they were supposedly providing us with were supposed to be going around the school, but they sure didn't arrive -_-


i swear wanted to kill the principals yesterday for all that.

(blogger can go fuck itself -_- stupid html shit, now im pissed again xD =.=''' not writing over what i had here, i can live without, and u can too xD)

Guess what, I imagine being with you each day, but the day will come, when I won't have to imagine anymore right?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sally's song...

MySpace Music Playlist at

Well, my stupid english teacher says she's gonna post hw on blog, she never did -.-

and when I got home parents got pissed at me cause I came late, since I had stayed in Kathe's room after school for a while. and I was apparently supposed to go to this tutoring place to some teacher friend of my dads today after school, and i didn't know i was supposed to start going THIS week -___-

and dad got upset then started saying how im being sent to live with mom =_= and i told him then i'm living in street. and well yeah. So i did hw at dads job, then started playing dominoes with him and his friends, then him and mom started arguing about what some idiot did with the garbage in the hall of the apartment building and ohhh lordy.

they were yelling nonstop for like a good 30 minutes, I was getting so annoyed. then at end dad told me again to pack my clothes up and go to grandma's cause i'm living with mom, and mom looked at him saying he was being ridiculous, what does their argument have to do with me, and he said no he's tired of being argued with by me and by her.

and then she told me after he went to hall that if he yells to just stay shut, and i might end being with her and yada yada yada

and then i was supposed to go shopping with dad and get all my shit for lunch this week and he told me to stay and i got so fuckin pissed =_= now he's callin me asking me shit about if i want this and that and i keep telling, "i cant tell u if i want it because I AM NOT THERE TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT"

forget it man, he seriously just...UGH =_=

and then while i was here some detectives came here out of no where knockin on door to second level of house, and i was like wtf who are you o_O when i saw them.

and i opened door, and this lady with the dude who knocked said hi and said they were detectives and i asked who they were looking for, and they told me name of some chick who doesnt live here, so i told them they got wrong house, and that there is no person of that name here, and then they asked if this was house number 428 and i said yes, then she looked at her paper saying "oh wait its 438...I'm sorry" and they went on with their search.

Now that i think of, i'm wondering what that person is under investigation for xD

could be either:

alcohol use
abused person
or abusive person

I'm guessing...around here that'd be at top of list.

but yeah -_-''''' I got so damn angry i swear....

and watch him cry to his mommy here! thats when real shits gonna start =_=

oh loorrd...i'll stop here...bye

At School


I'm at school atm, in advisory.

My teacher is absent, apparently seriously ill, funny how my geometry teacher was absent too o.o

I'm bored, and my eyes are so damn watery -_-

Put on blue eyeliner and eye shadow today, and ppl are all like "OMG I LOVE YOUR EYES" and i respond with a " doesn't even look good" xD imo it doesn't, but that's what i have on.

I also realized I need to straighten hair again tonight, cuz its like wavy-ish on certain areas on the top.

11:36 am...

I feel tired already, and I had soda for lunch and now its got my stomach feelin weird..

Lunch is at 10:22 am, and it's been a while since I've had soda in the morning, so I guess my stomach is reacting badly xD

Ugh...this comp keyboard is sooo dirty e___e I don't like touching it....

I wish I had some type of windex and a cloth to clean this...dirty crap...

but fun thing is its a mac comp :O one of the first that came out, when it used to be separate from the monitor. Runs pretty nicely even though its so old. I want a mac badly now ._. doesn't even have to be new XD even though new is nice 0.0

only thing is I don't think imvu came out for mac yet! that'd be downside of v.v

Wow I'm writing a lot, it's been a while eh xD

I miss mikee damnit T_T I think might only be able to catch her one day on weekend, cuz of time.

Wish she was neighbor! or like 3 blocks away, maybe even in another borough, would be nice -.- not other side of world...

morning here...night there...

the hours are crazy, and it's hard to catch her after fridays D: cuz its like, next day at her place.

If that makes any sense.

lawl this comp says its 8:40 pm XDD rofl, waaay off time...wonder if i can change that.....o.o......


yay :'D got it on time..

surprised I didn't mess it up or anything...xD

WOOOOOOO today i go shopping with dad, lotsa stuff to buy for home xD

meeeh...o.o i'm gonna try listening to music quietly here...

annd that's it for now i guess xD

laterz everyone~ :3

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Guest_xMYxSWAGxSOxFRESHx has joined the chat
Guest_xMYxSWAGxSOxFRESHx: Hi my name is Daina and i work for imvu and theres a big virus going around and i need you passcode to get on imvu to get the virus OFF FOR GOOD!! (P.s the virus deletes you acount and im not a theif i dont do that.)
LobaLunar: uh..o_O right..
Guest_xMYxSWAGxSOxFRESHx: please this is not a joke if all the imvu people don't get imvu virus off then imvu will be closed forever!!
LobaLunar: <_<...

Left after that xD

She actually wants me to believe her -.-'''

as if xD

if ppl work for imvu wouldnt their names be bought already? o_O seriously..

ANYWAYZ yah, i still gots hw to do, and waiting to see if gf gets on, I miss her and want to see pics of her x| if she took any at her school dance xD -hoping she did ~drool~- anywayz~

yeeaaah. short post i know, cba to write anymore xD


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


PSAT = Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test


from 9:30 am to 12:05 pm.

And boy, it went fast xD I only finished one section of it.

It's broken down into 5 sections, and whats funny is the 5th one, which was the longest, was one I finished completely -.- all the others I left like the last 5 or so blank cause ran out of time xD

well, this was basically the PRACTICE SAT exam for me.

The SAT basically tests your math and english skills, us high school students take in our junior and senior year (least ms. bryant told us we take it in junior year too o_O) and its for colleges so u can get scholarships and suuuch. For some colleges its required to take, but for others they don't really care much for.

For my high school's college (The one I want to go to, but still gotta broaden my search..) I gotta take the SAT, and get least 520 points in each section. and my GPA (grade point average) atm, has to be an 80 (B)

not so bad xD but I'm like failing 3 classes...was failing 4 0.0 but suddenly my chemistry went up to a D-...

but yeah anyway xD

It went by soooo fast x_x and they say we must start studying NOW for it, its not something u study for overnight and crap.

and that just made me feel stressed out xD cuz whats gonna happen when the day comes, and then suddenly I feel unprepared x_x


ah well, dont wanna think of such. but yeah...

I has an essay due friday and GUESS WHAT didn't even start :'D tomorrow night's sure gonna be hell to paaay~


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


You look at me with that cherubic face,
hiding the evil within you.
Our altercation finally silenced,
and all we do now is stare.

I used to be your adherent
with everything you did.
But now I truly see the lies.
I could only dissent with your choices.
You seem to enjoy causing pain.

I, next to you,
am a pauper,
while your money is practically coming out your mouth.
All you're good for is trouble,
you're eminent for making angels irate.

I wish I can fabricate a new soul for you.
One out of gold,
maybe that will exorcise the soul you have now.
Full of poison...
Dripping the blood of your victims.

Your job to pilfer confidence from within me will now be terminated...

Diablo, te voy matar.

Monday, October 12, 2009

MySpace Music Playlist at

Te amo, te amo
She says to me, I hear the pain in her voice
Then we danced underneath the candelabra she takes the lead
Thats when i saw it in her eyes its over

Then she says te amo then she put her hand around me waist
I told her no,
She cries Te amo i told her im not gonna run away but let me go
My soul is crying, without asking why
I said te amo, wouldnt somebody tell me what she said
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means I love you
Dont it mean I love you

Te amo, te amo, shes scared to breathe
I hold her hand, i got no choice uhh
Pull me out on the beach, danced in the water, i start to leave
Shes begging me and asking why its over

Then she says te amo then she put her hand around me waist
I told her no,
She cries Te amo i told her im not gonna run away, but let me go
My soul is crying, without asking why
I said te amo, wouldnt somebody tell me what she said
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means I love you
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means I love you

Yes we can dance, but you gotta watch your hands.
Watch me all night, I move under the light because I understand that we all need love
And I'm not afraid to feel the love but I don't feel that way, no

Then she says te amo then she put her hand around me waist
I told her no,
She cries Te amo i told her im not gonna run away but let me go
My soul is crying, without asking why
I said te amo, wouldnt somebody tell me what she said
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means I love you
Dont it mean I love you
Dont it mean I love you
Think it means i love you

Saturday, October 10, 2009

GoreanMan2009 has joined the chat
GoreanMan2009: *i smile gently and lean down...kising your hands, after a while i look up* hello dear
LobaLunar: o.O uhm...hello...
GoreanMan2009 has left the chat

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I. Miss. You.

Why do I keep longing for you when it's already over?
I still wait for your message, your response.
I await tears, or screams, or begging.

Not silence...
not ignorance...
Will I ever let go?

What are you thinking?
Why haven't you messaged back?
Are you happy that I left you?
Couldn't wait to let me go?

Or have I left you with a stab in your heart...
Have I depressed you..
hurt you the point you don't even want to respond?...

I want to know...
I don't know why, but I want to know.

Why do I keep longing for you when it's already over?...


...I miss you...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweat has made me glisten in the light.

And you all stare, asking with your eyes,

Why do you sweat so much?

It's because I got a lot on me, a lot in me,

a lot to confirm, a lot to figure out.

You sweat but look dry, you don't glisten in the light.

Why don't you sweat so much?

It's because you're holding back, what you know is the truth,

and you've lost the troubles, or forgotten they exist.

I glisten..
You don't glisten...

but we...

We are seen.

Thursday, October 1, 2009



I hate it.

"I hate it..I hate it..I hate it...when you're not around, when you're gone..."

Joona got me addicted to that song, I hate it by ELLEGARDEN

Reminds me soooo much of my gf.

. . .

I mean EX..

I keep saying gf! Pisses me off.

I keep thinking its not over until she responds. NO ALEX, ITS OVER!


.___. gooooosh. Rainy days this week got me moody, and I keep feeling like crying a lot lately but I only tear. That's another thing that gets on my nerves.

I even wanted to cry in art class today cause Gia pissed me off saying I'm a cow, was just joke but I got pissed. Not gonna detail whole thing that occurred which got him saying that. But that brought back the teasing of those few years back and well, he's lucky i moved my seat few feet away, I would've hurt him if I didn't control myself.

Like I did to Yan other day -___-

dunno if i talked about it here o_O

some girl from class came into spanish saying round our table it smelled like ass, and I had put perfume before class started because I came from gym and I feel its necessary to do so after wards. Then Yan pointed to me saying "it's this chick" and I looked at him, GLARING

asked "excuse me? but what the hell did you just say?" and he just smiiiiled like idiot, and he knew he was in for it. then he started saying oh you put perfume on and I'm like since when does perfume smell like ass?? i put perfume to smell GOOD not like ass LIKE WTF WENT THROUGH THAT HEAD OF HIS?

I got so pissed, I was practically on top of him speaking into his ear angrily, loud and clear. then I slapped back of his head. Twice. 2nd time was more of a punch...

I can get so violent, when he looked at me saying "that really hurt" and rubbed his head was when I realized shit I just did.

I felt guilty looking at him. then teacher caught us after class before we could even get out of room, and I guessed he saw, but I didn't know he did with all the ppl standing, talking and crap, it was pretty loud in the room at that moment so..

He asked us to explain what had happened, Yan went first, then I went, and he said he never said it was me =_= the fucking liar. BUT I CORRECTED. then teacher basically told me i can't put hands on other, then maybe others shouldn't open their stupid mouth and think first.

and said shouldnt hurt others and Yan was all "OH YOU KNOW ME, I'D NEVER HURT ANYONE" that got me glaring again, and teacher told him that he doesnt know ANY of us so well just yet, so he cant judge anybody. I was so glad teacher said that to him.

now that I remember, I think I only told joona this xD

but anyway yeah

been thinking about mikee a lot, feeling like crying a lot, been really sleepy...a lot.




I found out

when checked grades online

I have 3 Fs

3 Fs....


That pisses me off.

That makes me stressed out even more.

That makes me wish those Fs were As.

and that, is making me pray and hope, that I will get them UP THERE before november comes, once november comes, I'm in trouble.

cuz thats when 1st semester goes bye bye. So don't got much time before first report card.

Please pray for me and hope I do well, and that my lazy ass, and slow, stupid mind, gets those grades up.

I really...seriously...should buy a box of confidence..

Know anyone who's selling?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009




not so perfect, but im pleased with~


Monday, September 28, 2009

Got my new Glasses

went to costco and picked up my new glasses :'DDDD

here is pic of me wiiiith:


and pic of the design on side of frames:


I'm happy way i look with them :''3

oh and, was in awesome bowling alley on imvu annnd x'''D

Guest_curtdog67 has joined the chat
Guest_Al3XANdRiA2013: SHUT UP i TYP3 HOW i WANT
Guest_Al3XANdRiA2013: R3TARD
Guest_HAYLEECAKES: Suck my pixelated penis, noob.
Guest_Brandonw00d: ok i will
Guest_HAYLEECAKES: I never talked to you
Guest_HAYLEECAKES: I typed to you.
Guest_Brandonw00d: thepenisinhermouth
Guest_Al3XANdRiA2013: NO THANKS
Guest_Brandonw00d: how u bowl
Guest_Al3XANdRiA2013: BiTCH PL3AS3
Guest_1MNKA4 has left the chat
Guest_HAYLEECAKES: Please what?
Guest_iiKandyland: -talks to the wall-
Guest_Al3XANdRiA2013: BY3 DUMB ASS BiTCH3S
Guest_Al3XANdRiA2013 has left the chat

ahhh that made me laugh much x'''D

tomorrow getting up at 4:32 am! SO I CAN SHOWER AND TAKE TIME DOING MAKEUP!

amazing right ._. will be first time i actually try doing properly.

I hope it comes out good xD

otherwise will be waste of my time and wouldve had chance to sleep for hour more xD


well im sleepy ._. will be going after i read joona's blog


Sunday, September 27, 2009

My day today unlike yesterday is of course today, and today I...8D

NIECE AND NEPHEW CAME OVER!!! WITH BRO!!! (My bro from mom's side xD)

my nephew is so cute ;_;


I'm hoping she doesn't pass me XD


i got my headphones for my phone :DDDDDDDDDDD now can listen to my music without disturbing others!

AND got new bag :DDD might use for school

AND was eating these chocolates, but stopped cuz then dad wont be able to have any xDDD


soooo good x.x

OOO and some pics i've taken of sky whiiiile back:





this is my fave:



K THATS IT FOR NOW, goin to watch ABDC soon, FINALE WOO!!

-hopes we are heroes wins- Cross Fingers Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, September 25, 2009


LobaLunar: -has lesbo sex with veronica- x3
KibaTheWhiteSoul: Woot!
LobaLunar: xD!
SHADOW500000: *wake up and come out and look at girls have sex* woot!! :D
SHADOW500000: *take photo both of you* :D
SHADOW500000: lesbian porn :P
LobaLunar: -breaks his camera- ^^
SHADOW500000: XD
SHADOW500000: nooo D:
KibaTheWhiteSoul: God damnit I think my dad is coming downstairs to take computer
SHADOW500000: me need money XD
LobaLunar: o_o
KibaTheWhiteSoul: -Steps on it-
SHADOW500000: :o
SHADOW500000: fine me sorry ladies X3
SHADOW500000: *steps on my camera* there happy XD
KibaTheWhiteSoul: Yes.
LobaLunar: yuuup x3
SHADOW500000: X3
SHADOW500000: wanna huggles? :3
SHADOW500000: <(^.^)>
KibaTheWhiteSoul: -Suggles with Alex- nuuu
SHADOW500000: you both cut :3
SHADOW500000: cute*
SHADOW500000: fine :(
SHADOW500000: oh well XD me leave wel lbye have fun with your gf X3
LobaLunar: LOL
KibaTheWhiteSoul: LMAO XD
LobaLunar: he thinks we're together ROFL
SHADOW500000: (vO.Ov) bye-bye *lonely*
KibaTheWhiteSoul: XD!
SHADOW500000: XD
KibaTheWhiteSoul: Heheheh
SHADOW500000: me guess you want me leave XD
SHADOW500000: okay :3
SHADOW500000: have fun X3
LobaLunar: o-o
LobaLunar: no one said that but uh ok xD
SHADOW500000: *walks away*
KibaTheWhiteSoul: <.<
SHADOW500000: fine :I *think: girls really not like me me need make friends :I*
SHADOW500000: *and find new people :3*
KibaTheWhiteSoul: -Giggles at the girlfriend thing-
KibaTheWhiteSoul: xD
LobaLunar: xDDD
SHADOW500000 has left the chat
KibaTheWhiteSoul: Woohooooooooooo!
KibaTheWhiteSoul: Yes!
LobaLunar: XDDDD

Thursday, September 24, 2009


today was ok day xD security guards that do scanning in morning really pissed me off though.

they made me throw out my water bottle because it was "open" -_- the thing was closed!

they said was open e_e cause like, wasn't sealed. its not like its gonna spill in machine! CAN STILL BE CLOSED YA KNOOOW

and i told them, i need my water all day because of my kidneys, then the lady told me i could go buy one inside cafeteria LIKE WTF thats waste of money cause I could just keep mine that i bring from home

i got so pissed, i threw my bottle in garbage and walked away with michael =_= if they do same shit to me tomorrow, I'm gonna tell her look i have no money, would you like to go buy it for me? I need my water, i need this water because of kidney problems I've had since I was little, and if I don't have water, I of course will be dying of thirst -_-

i got really pissed at that, but talking with michael afterwards got me back to normal mood, and then when other people came we had mini food fight xD throwing pieces of bagels around table at each other's heads and crap xDDD

later on in 3rd period in geometry me and hector started passing notes to each other (or more like a post-it xD) and was just, so stupid XD



I'm guessing you guys probably can't read so well, since its kinda blur-ish (webcam was being stubborn)



me: Hi. . .o.o
hector: PENIS ._.
me: weeners.. .-.
hector: failzorz
me: wtf? o.O
hector: wtf ar teh message Fo! yo?


me: dunno... ._.
hector: -put line under my dunno xD-
me: ¬0¬
hector: o3o
me: o~o

rofl, we must've been reeeaaally bored in class xD

and i went to breakfast club meeting which marilyn invited me to go to, i thought was just to have breakfast upstairs instead of in cafeteria xD

was wroooong

tis a group of people who arrive late to school constantly, and marilyn wants to influence them to come early. and apparently I'm the "model" for them xD because I come early all the time.

annnd when we come, we go upstairs, and we're gonna do a mural in kathy's office on the plain white wall. that made me happy to be in this club :o

and also, marilyn asked everyone what would get them coming early to school, and we all agreed on her bringing in our electronics XDDD so she's gonna sneak them in (and hopefully NOT get caught, and we cant say anything about her doing so, cause she can get in trouble for going against rules like that xD)

makes me so damn happy that i might be able to bring in my stuff though :o

mom says i probably shouldnt though -.- but i might anyway.

yeeeaaaah, im tired, and got hw to finish, so i'll stop here now xD laterz.


oh and! my art teacher yelled that my drawing for his class was hot really loud when he watched me coloring it xDDD and asked if can get my she-wolf's number XDDDDD was so damn funny and unexpected.


ok bye

Monday, September 21, 2009

Por qué no me dejas no me quieres aquí..verda?...

Today started off with bad morning xD

I hate being late to things, and especially school considering this year a bunch of my teachers bitch and moan about arriving later to class.

Bus driver lets everyone in on bus...he looked like one of the all night till certain am time drivers. he looked like he needed shower -_-'''

anywayz, he got out of bus when everyone sat down, and went to deli which was like right across from bus there. and he got himself breakfast I'm guessing. Then he decides to start eating when he gets back in bus too -_- that took him till 6:45 and he need to be gone by 6:40, and may be just 5 minutes, but can make big diff as to traffic, and all that jazz.

THEN way he has to go gets blocked off XDDD oh lord, so he had to drive different way, and i got off the bus at the time i would usually be one stop or two away from school on train -.-



so I get off 2 train, to go to 1 train. but lately since last week 1 train would take forever, and I just stand waiting for nothing xD so I walked from 72nd street to 66th where my school is, called my dad from pay phone and explained why the later call and all. I was so glad I got there just a few after gate was open -.- I prefer though getting there before gate opens, in case I wanna get bagel outside or be one of the very firsts inside in case I got work to finish real quick.

But anyway yeah xD that was my morning (early one that is). I was practically falling asleep in english, and that damn "delicate flower" bitch gave pop quiz =_= which i sure wasnt prepared for since I didnt even do my notes or reading over the weekend.

I failed that shit big time xD

then she said to pick up hw at lunch time right, i forgot completely. when i got home i remembered, but ya know, i blame her xD cause i mean cmon, how many people think about picking up hw during lunch ? -_- it happened to me with my math teacher too, she had hw to be picked up afterschool, i totally forgot. WHY MUST THEY DO THAT??

I had small lunch too, was lucky I didn't faint at end of the day ._. cuz my friend tashanna gave me cookie dough poptarts. MY SAVIOUR xD

and Michael got me book from car show he went to last friday with chris :'''''DDD since I didn't get to go, he brought me that MADE ME SO HAPPY

When I told my mom, she started saying I'm in love, like she does with any guy i frequently talk about -.-''' and I just tell her "NOOO, IM NOT, HE'S A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE" yada yada

then she said out of no where, "you can have a bf, just one who doesn't touch you" and I looked at her like o___O if i don't let the guys i know touch me in thaaat way, like harassing, why would I let a bf do so xD and she just warned me not to let any guy do so.

So now I don't know if I'm allowed to actually date or what xD

mom can be weird, will say something, then when I mention what she said, would say she never said so xD

ahhhhh.. I'm tired again, and will be tired in the morning...well tomorrow in general, got gym x.x only good side of that is that i have art 8D but i didn't draw over the weekened like I planned, so it's same way it was as when i took it and asked teach if i could take home to work on it.

i might work on it during lunch in kathy's room x.x

and okay here's phone, if i didn't take pic now, never would have gotten to it:


and here its with keyboard slid open:


the dp is my old dog gizmo, he passed away few years back, and lately ive been missing his presence. He was nicest dog I would ever have...and was my only friend since I was always alone..and well still kinda am... but what can I do? Can't bring my grandpa back, or my aunt, so can't bring my dog back either~

R.I.P Gizmo...I'll miss you dearly, my comfort, my company, my cuddle buddy, my long life friend...


Sunday, September 20, 2009


Went to movies with a bff of mine from like 3rd grade xD

we hadn't seen each other in a few years, and considering i couldn't go to her 16th bday party, least I could do was take her out next day. So took her to movies to see I can do bad all by myself. Was really good 0.0

we enjoyed our day, her nephew tagged along, and he's 14 and taller than me already o___o i was shocked, cause he used to be so small ._.

now he's so...tall...and older...and stuff o_o I kept telling "I still can't believe you're so tall already...." and he just looked down nodding xD

I had good time with Nikita (bff) and her nephew too x3

When I got home, mom reminded that I had to iron. So I started ironing about an hour after I was home. then she came in randomly asking if I was ironing for real -_- like no shit? I would take out iron board with iron, and uniforms for the fun of it?

THEN she decides to put me down =_= saying "you look hideous in those gym pants" (i was ironing my sweat pants for gym at that moment -_-) and I looked at her saying that's such nice thing to say. Then she responded that it was true, since I'm just getting fatter, and stomach is hanging over.

that pissed me off =_= and I just said "well these are the only pants I have okay."

Like, thanks for just pointing out the one thing that I really can't stand about myself. YES I'm fat, YES I'm overweight, YES certain clothes don't look good on me...Must you lower my self esteem even more? like seriously...


I have it hard enough with these freaking mirrors behind me, and every time I look, my mind automatically thinks "you look bad"

THAT'S ALL I SAY TO MYSELF. "you look bad" "you're so fat" "you're so ugly" and so on.



I think I'm done with that xD

ANYWAYZ well I haven't taken pic of my phone yet but, will eventually xD

All I know is i love it soooo muuuuch |DDD

if someone tries stealing from me, they can get a kick in the arse and a hit in the head with a rock XD

this phone shall never be stolen (i hope to god it doesn't get stolen from me x_x) and it shall never get broken :D (lets hope my clumsy hands stay careful)

and now a goodbye with a good song~

Friday, September 18, 2009



here's pic of it:


may look small, but trust me -_- its a lot of hw...

gotta write 2 stories, draw 2 drawings for those stories, read 2 packets that are both like 8 or 4 pages front and back, then do notes on the side for those. x___x AND THATS ENGLISH ALONE

geometry i got a lot of crap to do in too -_- cuz i didnt know we got hw yesterday, and now i got double to do this weekend.

only light stuff is rest of hw, spanish, and global. those teachers are very very very...nice x|

AND i changed phone at company so now i got this one xD:

Samsung Impression Pictures, Images and Photos

its waaaaay better x.x and im so lucky i found out that i only had this weekend to buy, otherwise would've never gotten to pick it up xD

i'll take pic of it inrl later. and also, i lost my strawberry keychain ;_; noticed today it was missing, and dunno where the hell it disappeared to.

i didn't take phone out all this time so dunno where it ended up and how, considering i cant take phone to school.

I'm tired...xD

went into furry room for a bit annnnd Lol..

BmanX777: woh... the rooms bugging up for me
BmanX777: nvm its ok now
Tiggzzy: ^^
Tiggzzy: its cuz fleshies invaded
BmanX777: makes enough sense
Tiggzzy: lol

they are soooo stupid xD

like, wtf do u think u are behind that screen of yours huh XDD FLEEESSHHIIIIEEEE

or the preferred term: human (least i prefer this term)

ahhh i guess thats it for now..

OH and i failed algebra review quiz XDDD AND I HATE FACT TEACHER SAYS WE NEED PARENT SIGNATURE AND CORRECTIONS. if we don't do either we lose points. signature = 3 points corrections = 4 points. So if u do neither, 7 points off...


i got 7 out of 28! Facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos

so sad...and theres no way in hell I'm showin my dad that xDDD

i MIGHT do corrections...i MIGHT....

-_- ...

bleh xD i swear. I hate teachers that ask for signature. corrections i understand, but SIGNATURES


but eh -_- she even told us was cheerleader in high school, so I wonder if she was one of those bitchy slutty ones xD or somethin like..


i guess thats it for now. laterz

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm not your princess, this ain't a fairy tale~

good song!

MySpace Playlist at



haven't posted much xD I miss it a bit.

Been listening to lotsa lovey songs 0.0 mostly taylor swift stuff

romeo save me, i've been feeling so alone~


I gotsa coooold

and lauren showed me symptoms of swin flu, AND I HAVE/HAD LIKE 6 OUT OF 9

I'm so freaking out cause I do NOT want it ._.


I'm still sick of course, can't get over it that well in just two days xD only thing that I got rid of was sore throat.

x_x i got stomach pain now too...

but anyway, enough of my sickness~

I'm bored at imvu ;_; and my friend vince somewhat reminded me of someone I used to know, but can't remember who!

[.alex.] says:
*r u coming on at imvu today? o.o
Vincent says:
*wasnt planning 2
*why do u miss me?
[.alex.] says:
*oh..well uhm ._.''' dunno..

for some reason I got all, shaky. Cause he reminded me of someone I knew, but I can't remember who the person was at all.

"why, do you miss me?"

x| it's pissing me off that I can't remember who...


and then michael, from school, made me feel so happy ;_;

train8mc (9:01:53 PM): by the way hope u can come to school tomorrow
WiNdChIm3 (9:02:24 PM): i am going...but im scared to.
train8mc (9:02:53 PM): why
WiNdChIm3 (9:03:04 PM): cuz i looked up the swine flu symptoms today, and i have/had like 6 out of 9
WiNdChIm3 (9:03:32 PM): i didnt go to doctor, i just stayed home resting, and im still sick so...
WiNdChIm3 (9:03:34 PM): bleh.
WiNdChIm3 (9:03:38 PM): i hope i dont have it
train8mc (9:03:50 PM): damn that sucks massively
train8mc (9:04:01 PM): it's been kinda boring without ya
WiNdChIm3 (9:04:16 PM): i miss u guys lol
train8mc (9:04:47 PM): me to
train8mc (9:04:54 PM): miss u

T_T he made me happy, by saying he misses me...

i miss him too ._. and chris, and hugging them XD

and talking with them o.o if we wanted we could have conversations for hours Lol.

-siiiigh- i hope I survive at school x_x......

another good song..

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I wasn't the love you wanted,

I am the one you hate.

I wasn't the one you needed,

I was something you only craved,

I wasn't the one you missed,

only the one you forgot,

I wasn't the one you loved,

I was the one you...

threw away...