Saturday, May 23, 2009


Parents got in a fight at 3 AM how wonderful.

I guess mom was complaining about being hot and crap and that's how it started out. (her and her menopause v-v)

and then I'm not if she started complaining about me and my father, but I'm guessing that's what she did. She came to my room, waking me up, and asking me to go sleep with my dad so she can sleep in my bed to turn on the ac.

I just woke up a bit annoyed, cause I hate when she sends me out of my own bedroom xD

So went to dad's bed V_V and when he saw me and I saw him, he was like dressed to go out, and soon as he saw me started saying in spanish stuff like "mira etta.." which is uh...kinda hard to translate...but he was speaking towards mom, basically saying like "look at this woman" xD and stuff cause she went to sleep in my room.

he got pissed and they argued, and he told her not to come on saturday and sunday and that he's tired of her complaining about us. yada yada same old crap xD.

then he left the house. I called him after I woke up asking where he went, said he went driving around, then went to work.

V_V my dad can lose it at times, and i think it's better he doesn't drive when he's angry.

things happen.