Friday, May 22, 2009

Back at school!

I went back to school again todaaaay wasn't so bad.

My dad wrote letter for my absences....and he accidentally wrote HE instead of SHE.

thanks dad, didn't know i had a penis -.- the teachers just laughed as they read XD

OHHHH WEEEEELLL my spanish teach asked why don't I just add an 's', I'm just too lazy, let them laugh so I can laugh at my dad's silliness as well XD


had award ceremony today and I got school spirit award o.o (wish I had one of the most improved but V_V...)

We did our skit and it actually turned out pretty good...O: everyone was so doubtful cause no one was cooporating xD

we then had slideshow of pics throughout school year, i kept saying omg everytime i saw pic of me e.o hate myself that much xD but made me tear up and practically cry, felt like it was goodbye already XD

and we said our favorite moments, then teachers said their fave moments.

they said how they truly love the times with us and how they truly care v.v

made me happy.

I also wanted to post my latest poem on heeerrrreeee. :E here goes:

So Much For Being Myself?

The chains hold me down, making my wrists bleed from so many attempts of getting away.

Crying with anger I think of all my friends, feeling this is the last goodbye.

"I am sorry, I am so sorry..."

apologies that last forever echo among the walls.

All I ever cared about has disappeared, falling through my fingers.

I regret it all, why did I do it?

What did I do?


I couldn't stop crying....

so they left me behind, with my tears.

Because no one likes anyone who can't love themselves.