Monday, May 25, 2009

CapriSun Wild Cherry Juice

CapriSun Wild Cherry Juice taste like...


blogger's bein an ass again with the font. (now apparently I'm typing with Arial? -_-)

ohhhh weeell, I got my alcohol tastin rum lookin juice to comfort me...for the time being.

Been doing stories with Waste and all, and it's kinda making me want to write a story of my own, just like I used to do waaay back before I got all depressed and shitty and ran out of ideas.

soooo yah....I guess in my next post I will start a story? o_O and I WARN PEOPLE NOW:

the story may last only the minutes I write it...and never appear again....

or it can last a few days or so, then disappear just when it's getting good.

that's the type of writer I am xD

that's why I stick more with poems, write, finished. Nothing going on for years or months, or weeks, or days, or hours xD

soooo I don't even know if I WILL write a story...but whatever, the things that I imagine when I listen to songs, I want to bring them out and show them! I wish the things I imagine will just appear on paper when I wanted xD would please me a whole lot.

I've been listening to the song -> Kill the Lights by: The Birthday Massacre

for hoooouuuurrssss and the things I imagine while listening to it just take me away from reality into my "peculiar world" as I call it.

x] It makes me happy inside.

And it sometimes makes me wish the different "me's" I imagine into some type of video or whatever in my mind, would become the real me. Because the "me's" I imagine, are kinda the type of girl I wish I was. I guess....Blink Pictures, Images and Photos

sooo...ON WITH THE IMAGINATION! embarassed Pictures, Images and Photos