Sunday, May 24, 2009


Family and Friends oveeerrrrr how awesoooooome.

My Brother - Billy
My Sister-in-law - Nicky (Nicolette)
My Niece - Destiny
My Mom and Dad's friend - Juni
My Mom and Dad's friend Juni's wife - Carmen

yaaaaaah o.o

I get easily bored with people from fam over, also with parent's friends xD

I would have rather gone somewhere with them. cause only person with me is niece and since she's 6 years younger, i easily get bored v.v and she gets upset. and I feel bad, and cycle goes round and round, over again and again.

and now my new puppy Benji is staring at his reflection in my mirror o.o.....
trying to interact with it....thinking it's another dog when it's him....


ahem, anyway.

i wanna go somewhere :/ or wish i was just alone in room with Benji...v.v

ah well, gotta appreciate family visits right V_V

bleh.....I'm tired of being inside, the most fun I had today was in car with dad going to pick my bro and his family up...


ok he stopped....o_o

>__> maybe i should've left him sleeping before taking him downstairs outside....

V___V''''' this is what happens when I'm bored.

and hot e_e''''''

but he's too cute to resist ;_; and now Billy (my bro -_-) says he's taking Benji BULLSHIIIIIIIIIT

no way. and then my mom is saying for him to take him and crap =_= bitch

I'm keeping him, if they want they can take the dog I never chose or wanted.

Because I finally was asked if I wanted this chihuahua right? =.= and I said I wanted but if they thought I was so irresponsible don't ask, cause I'm just automatically gonna say yes.

SOOOO they bought they wanna take away and give to my brother, well my brother can go buy his own. :D Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm taking care of Benji, and OFC when I'm at school I can't, But gawd, I will when I get home...

mother and brother....they really belong together :/ because I feel disliked by both.

Brother calls me EMO knowing I HATE that =___= mother complains OH SO MUCH about me...

they can both move in together in HIS apartment, and leave me alone.

I'll be so happy then.