Monday, May 11, 2009

field trip tomorrow yaaaaay

"she may believe you but I never wiiiiillll....never again!"

ahhhh, I've been singing since I got home xD

that was never again by kelly clarkson that I just quoted.

OH GOSH long day, drowsy all day cause of my cough/asthma medicine. I forgot the shit makes me shaky and tired and weak, and i was wondering why I felt so at school xD since I took it in the morning, it affected me. Luckily was just till lunch time.

I got notes to finish taking in global - . - ughhhh notes are making me tired and I'm gettin lazy. Parents went to JCPenny and got me capris for school and some summer shirts. Made me happy x]

But then dad started arguing how he knew the one pair of jean capris that didnt fit me, would not fit me xD oh gawd. and mom said calmly ok and dad just went on arguing and then arguing with me saying he knows how to buy me clothes XD I just kept saying in spanish "yeah yeah ok ok, its over" and he just keeeeeept goin xD I was laughing at in my head whole time. He kept on for while so i asked if he was on his period, time of the month thing. xDDD he probably ignored or didn't hear.

Tomorrow's dad's birthdaaaaaay. Old man's gonna be 63 ^(0.0)^ and people keep telling me that he's like their grandfather/grandmother's age. I have such old parents XD

And tommorow I got field trip to Bronx Zoo (yaaaaaaay) I hope I have fun xD and I hope I get away with taking my cell phone, camera, AND ipod.

Will be so sad without. ;^;

bleh. Mom's gonna do my hair in morning cause she misses her little girl oh so much.

I hope I have fun, and I hope a friend of mine who just went through some hard shit is gonna be ok. I will pray for her. v.v I want her to be ok and happy, hopefully things go well for her after this inccident.

-peace sign-

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