Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On field trip to Bronx Zoo, Mr. Wilson took meh cell phone and ipod >:O

But trip was pretty fun I guess....except the lab part -__-'''

we saw monkeys makin love!! XDD

they go so fast o_o was like 5 seconds of humping then they went back to eating bugs off each other o_o

i got my cellphone and ipod back from teacherjerk after end of trip >_> stayed a little longer with Kasha and took train ride there with her :D then went home with xD

sun affected me pretty bad and allergies gettin to me. Itchy on face and arms from being out in sun without suntan lotion on x_x and sneezin a lot.

uuuugghhhh why can't we have a day off tomorrow XD i wanna stay in and sleep...sleep aaallll daaaaay looooooong.


sleep is what I need.


Anonymous said...

those monkeys remind me of joona.