Wednesday, May 27, 2009



today was fun day I guess, mostly after school xD

I saw Michael in hall and called him into Kathe's office :O

after he came in (HAHAHAHA XDDDDDD LMAO) we just kept laughing so much at random shit XDDDD

oh gosh, my stomach is tired from laughing so much x'''''DDD just random shit we said and did.

AND THEN i asked what his last name was...cause I never found out...and...x''''''''DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD lmfao

His last name is Cumming XDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! was so funny when he said. AT FIRST I THOUGHT HE SAID TUMKI I WAS LIKE WTF then he corrected XDDDD and I just literally ran out of room cracking up.

then kept laughing at him as he ate pretzel sticks (lmao pretzel sticks
BWAHAHA and stole 2 butterfinger chocolate candy bars from office (and literally the freshman student council xD)


OHH OHHH and today, i molested Kasha ;D lmao XD

literally slapped her ass, AND SHE SCREAMED AH SO LOUD AND WEIRD SOUNDED LIKE A MOAN XDDDDDDDD (I think she actually liked ;DDD xD)

kept grabbing her and pulling her over and hugging her and pretending to bite her neck x] in process i accidently stretched her shirt out xD cause she kept trying to get away.

in end i got to kiss her two times on cheek ;DDD made me happy lmao XD

SO YAH basically thats it XDDD many lolz and such.

not that interesting BUT WHATEVER 8D

oh and, atm I'm writing letter to principal about our bathroom issue

what i have so far :

Dear Ms. Kreisman,

There is a policy in the school about the usage of bathrooms for the students. We the students must go to the main office, sign our names in a notebook and put the time we got there to get the bathroom key, and when we finish getting to the bathroom and using it, we must go back to the office, return the key, sign the time we got back, then go back to class. Something had happened with certain students, I’m not sure what it was exactly, but I believe that if certain students did something, the whole student body should not be punished.

got lots more to write :O so I'm gonna continue.