Sunday, May 31, 2009

I can't take it!

Gripping my text book,
I am angered to a bad level.
I feel like throwing it at someones head.
Making sure it will kill them.

If he wants to die,
then I will just jump off my roof tomorrow.
If she loves complaining about me so much,
then she can do the shit herself, ALONE.

He has angered me.
She has angered me.
I can't take it,

Kill them,
kill them all!!

I'll be happier,
I'll be dead.

Dysfunctional families,
I can not stand.
We should be smiling,
eating dinner together,
running in parks,
taking pictures of art.

We should be dancing in the streets,
washing each other's feet,
listening to music we love,
and getting along.

But instead we are...

fighting for hours,
yelling till we can no longer hear,
eating in separate rooms,
dancing with brooms,
singing sad songs to ourselves,
asking each other if we need help.

Calling each other pigs,
stepping on each other like twigs,
cursing each other out,
complaining about all the wrong things we do,
pushing each other away.

I can't take it anymore,
I can't take it anymore!

I want to run,
I want to scream,
I want to kill,
I want to die,
I want to curse,
I want to cry.

If I'm going to live this way for life,
then end my life now.
I won't be able to survive those harsh words,
won't be able to heal these bruises.

So come on!


You all are doing it now,
so let's see a real knife go through my heart,
a bullet go through my head,
some blood on the ground,


I'll be happy,
for once,
I'll be proud of us.

Because you worked together to slowly kill me.

Lower my self esteem,

make me feel like shit!


I can't take it anymore!!

So lets die with a promise of hated love, a soul so torn, ripped apart, and cold. Let us all sink into the blood of an innocent angel no longer angelic but not devilish as well. Make me bleed all the anger out and die to be happy and far away. Kill me, and the last thing you'll ever have to say to make me smile is...

I'm sorry, forever I'll love you, please stay.