Friday, May 8, 2009



It is friday!! :DDD YAY!

finally! been so tired all week from school XD
was all the rain v.v

Today went pretty ok, apparently I'm ok with Kelvin?
He tapped my shoulder, and gave me his notebook, open to some comic book story he drew. He basically was saying sorry in the comic story. ._. and apparently he knows I get jealous when he acts all lovey over Kasha, since he drew me thinking "there he goes all gaga over Kasha again" TT__TT such embarrassment...

Before he apologized I was upset though, because today Kasha took his side as well, just like Paola did, saying I could've waited. But if they had let me leave earlier, I might have caught the 2 or 3 train, instead I missed it soon as I got there. Luckily my parents weren't pissed that I got home 10 minutes late.

Argh, whatever! I'm not gonna stay pissed at what people agree on and shit, not worth the stress.

Day went by pretty fast, but we're having preparation crap for regents exams, I FEEL LIKE I'M GONNA FAIL DX!!! It's so hard to remember shit I learned in September!!


Gonna be really hard, and got this binder thing to do with English, and another binder thing to do with global as well! so much work! x_x

Hopefully I will be able to cope with all this. I have my moments so..

Went to book club for first time again in like moooonths. They were reading "Yes Ma'am" by Langston Hughes, I love that short story a lot. Used to read in elementary. Then I read my poem to them, cause Ms. Walsh got me toooo, I couldn't even explain it because it was hard to explain! XD MORE EMBARRASSMENT!!!


Went to McDonalds with Kasha afterwards to find Paola, Ana, Jasen, Alexus, Sheniece, and Leonela there xD trying to hide from us! I ate with them, and spoke with them, then left eventually after eating. Started getting stomach pains like cramps in the bus, and hurt like hell! So when I got home I went to bathroom, and solved the problem xD


I'm gonna try to have a good weekend, get mom a card for mother's day and for meh grandma's as well. I want no fighting this weekend!


I'm home now, no more pain, wished meh girl a happy bday, and now relaxin I guess with music and speaking with my friends. :3

Almost end of school year so gonna get stressful, gotta prepare myself and learn to take it easy~~

otherwise, my head is gonna explode and I will be done! xD


Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride of the end of my first year of high school.

These years are truly going to go by fast.