Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lately I've...

Lately I've been thinking...

My brother was meant to be the girl in this family and I was meant to be the guy 8[

kinda weird eh? lots of people who are reading this might say wtf?! queeeeee!! Pictures, Images and Photos

hahaha xD well since I happen to be BISEXUAL always have feeling might have been better to be guy? probably wouldn't be so weird, but even then I would still be attracted to both sexes, so no win there, just same shit other way around xD

ahhh, makes me feel so weird, kinda like when RHONDA DEAR said in garden today how I'm always bored being a girl avi on imvu, and one day gonna not wanna be girl at all or some shit like that. i wanted to curse her out personally but kept mouth shut xD cause when saying shit like that, its like, if you dislike it so fuckin much, don't bother listening to what i say or watching what i do, or paying attention to me at all.

for all i know, she can go suck my imaginary dick, i don't give a damn xD

yah I got pretty pissed and didn't show V_V and when i said I kinda felt that way already in real, people did react like "...ok?" and "wtf"

So I felt like world's freak in there.

So much for being me?


Anonymous said...

holy shit o_o i didn't know you had depth to your personality o-o
this is the most badass blog post I've ever read.