Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

I think Blogger likes to be an arse when it comes to staying as one type of font for me!!

DX ah well, the shit can go suck balls.

Well, woke up this morning, feeling bit better than yesterday :x Not burning or freezing or not able to swallow without pain x] so I'm getting better! Medicine I got truly works 0.0


I got some new Coldplay songs that my english teacher Ms. Walsh had on her ipod :O she has good taste in music...even though Coldplay is pretty much all I heard on her ipod in class XD

4shared is being an arse as weeeeell -kicks it- won't properly download the song Joona put on his blog DX and the other two I downloaded from his blog aren't found anymore >:E

I'll try figuring out that problem later~

for now I guess I'll just be reading threads about the almighty great SHADOOOOW

I'm out!

-peace- peace Pictures, Images and Photos