Thursday, May 7, 2009





Yaaaah, rained again today xD

yeaaah sad morning sad day, was still upset from what happened yesterday so was all emotional today.

I don't know if me and him are ok at the moment or not -_- but whatever...

Katie and Allison had their last day at my school D'''': (they were college students having their time at our school in preparation to be guidance counselors or something within that category.)

I'm going to miss them so much TT___TT Made me cry today xD

I even had to stand out in the hall way after hugging Katie to calm myself down from so much tearing up, but I ended up crying about both situations - the prob with my friends and the goodbyes with Allison and Katie.

and then suddenly Sammy was there passing by in hall and saw me! 0.0 I got embarrassed and probably blushed too >///>

She got worried and asked what was wrong I just smiled while trying to not cry in front of her shaking my head saying "I didn't want to be noticed..." and "It's nothing don't worry"

Leonela saw me as well and asked what was wrong along with Sammy D:

.__. I just hugged them saying not to worry I'm ok. Sammy kept asking if I was sure, so I nodded and smiled saying not to worry again that I'm fine xD. Sammy's so nice~~ <3
Later on I saw her again after school, and was speaking with her, again she asked if I was ok and if I was sure I was ok xD

I nodded then she asked if i was lying and I said "yes" x_x I can't lie to this chick! XD

she just stared at me with that look of hers that made me giggle xD I told her I would have to speak to her later about why I was crying if she wanted to know that badly since the person was like right there 3 feet away from me >_>

So she just stood there saying ok xD. then she asked if I wanted her aim :DDDD I GOT SO HAPPY!! I just lit up saying "you have aim? you have aim?!" and she nodded and I told her how I looked her up on facebook and she said she doesn't have one and I said I knew since I looked her up hahaha xD

So we gave each others aims, and smiled ^__________^ <333333333 X]]]]]]

She's so cool :DDD after that I had to meet with the leaders of the sophomore student council and two other members of the freshman student council (which is the one I'm in since I'm a freshman and joined xD)

We're planning out the carnival we're having with their council next saturday after the new coming students tour. So I'm participating as always x].

Gonna be fun! after that I said bye to Sammy who was helping Eni with her work, then went to Kathe's room to do some homework and spend the last few minutes with Allison and Katie before they left. D''': I got their emails to stay in contact, so no goodbyes forever <3

was pretty ok day in the end x] got meh mom a mother's day present (some really cute book thanking her for things she did xD) hey no matter how many probs I have with her, she's still my mom and deserves a gift.

I hope things stay well for the weekend :3

lalala~ I will get back to doing my homework now xD

tah tah till tomorrow!~!~!~!