Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So...Much...Sugar Honey Iced Tea


Oh my freakin' gosh -____-

so much crap HAD to happen today.

I woke up tired as hell and i went to bed earlier than past two nights.
I wanted to go to early bus but missed it, and almost missed the 2nd one.

We had to take annoying Kaplan test in English, and ITS COUNTING AS A GRADE i didn't even get to answer the last few questions.

In gym Sinjin kicked me when I was trying to steal ball from him in soccer (was accident, BUT FUCKING GAWD THAT HURT) =___= therefore i went to him after game and kicked him back, so he could feel pain since he didn't even apologize. Then he got pissed saying he was gonna "deck" me, therefore i said go ahead whats gonna happen.

He said I'm gonna die, I smiled saying that I would be oh so happy about that.
We almost started a fight but Jarissa and Cynthia (I think? I don't remember) stopped us before it started.

theeeen, got so much crap to do in student council.

AND THEN (yah I know, lots of thens) had to go to regents prep thing after school and i remembered nothing! I already feel I'm gonna fail that regents!

After that I did some homework in Kathe's room (guidance counselor's) then went to mcdonalds with kelvin, kasha, cynthia, and Paola. When I finished I realized was 5:40pm, and I try to be patient for the others cleaning up their shit, but I couldnt wait cause I knew time and my ass would get busted for staying so late, so I said I really had to get going, and left.

I wait for train then see Paola and Kelvin come down, kelvin looks pissed so I'm wondering what happened and Paola was like smiling, so I called her, since they passed by as if not seeing me, and asked what was wrong with him, he turns around and looks at me like "as if you don't know" then continues walking ahead.

Paola said it was because what I did was wrong, and I asked what the fuck I did. She told me he's mad because I left. So I said that I did inform them that I really had to go, and Kelvin said "WE ALL HAD TO GO" so I said "well yer not one who can possibly be punished and never allowed to stay after school again" and he said "well Kasha got in trouble a few times, you didn't care"

THAT COMMENT WAS SO FUCKING STUPID, because Kasha happens to be my best friend and he tells ME I don't care? so I said "First of all, I did care." I forgot what i said after that -__- get so pissed I forget stuff.

We kept bickering and shit while people stared cause a fucking douche bag with nothing else to do but cause problems between me and him, and not understand a damn thing.

Then 3 train came, so I was waiting to get on it, and he said "Oh and you can go tell Kathe Cause I'm not even gonna give a damn" or some shit like that. And I said "I'm telling no one because I don't need to. At least, I don't gossip." and he just said "uh huh, yeah right"

I wanted to take that little midget by the neck, squeeze it, punch him in the face afterwards and push him into the tracks. LUCKILY I held myself and said 'forget it, it's not worth it'

That little shit needs to learn to understand what the fuck goes on around him, and that even though we all had to leave, some of us have to leave before others because we can not waste time! everyone else would understand that BUT him.

I hope he goes to hell, and that the fucking devil rapes him, then feeds him to his devil dogs.

Maybe this way he'll understand not to act like a 2 year old.


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