Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sorry Sorry, Didn't post for a day xD...

Was too tired yesterday to come online...and I went to doctor today cause of my leg and I was tired to go to school so I used leg as excuse xD

It really does still hurt at times, and the blood is goin down to my foot and crap.


I gained 60 pounds ._______. ...............


so many dots I know, but I just got so angry with myself. I wish there was some pill that would actually burn my fat away in like 3 days. Then I could be a size 1 :D or 2...maybe even size 10 or 6! :DDD.

Sadly all the pills in the world won't help me. I gotta be serious about my exercise this summer or I'm done. And my anemia might get worse cause I haven't been drinking my iron pills :s nurse or doctor (whatever she was I couldn't tell) said I have to drink my pills if I don't wanna get shots and blood taken out (like today....I'm scared of needles so when I get them I panic and cry)

She also mentioned that if I don't take them, I will get headaches and start forgetting things.

Lately that happens at times. Number one thing I forget -> take my iron/medications. And I get headaches at times too...

-sigh- I'm on verge of leading this to cancer mom says.

Lady told me that if I don't take my pills my cells won't get the oxygen they need.

V_V so I gotta take my pills everyday now. If I don't I'm in trouble.

gosh and so many notes to finish for hw since I fell asleep while doing them in bed. x_x

I'm getting stressed out, and I'm so tired DX

I just hope I can survive before it's too late!

Mission #2:

work hard for the GRADES (sadly not the money just yet, that starts in june after regents week) so yah :s

wish me luck

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IceRomancer said...

WIIIHIHI me and you are gonna work out everyday this summer if i go there >:DDDD and you will be soooo healthy!!! and wont have to take icky pills =DD