Friday, June 19, 2009


Heeeey...been a while since I've written bout my daily life huuh xD

uggghhh....i'm pissed off x[ not even in mood to be writing but WHATEVER

I went walking today and dad sends me home to shower Rolls Eyes Pictures, Images and Photos

well I decide I'm very hungry so I wanna eat first Napsu Makan Pictures, Images and Photos

theeeeen right before I settle down in my room before I get in mood to shower, dad comes home saying he's going to buy water gallons yada yada and was calling me to come along, so I put my sneaks back on and get my stuff and go...then he asks in car "did you shower?"

and I'm like "does it look like I got to? I just finished eating" then he starts yelling saying go shower and that he'll go alone =____= I GOT PISSED

because finally I'm getting out the house and then he says I can't go cause I didn't shower WHEN HE WANTED ME TO. I shower at night when officially done with all shit I gotta do.

NOOOOOO gotta stay home....

If I could I would go by the river walking right now just to try calming down because me and my anger problems...=__= i can not be angered a lil bit anymore...anything can just seem like it doesn't anger me a lot but then I get really pissed because I just think about it and can't sit still =_________=..................

I need to calm down but I need to punch something, or go tire myself out by jogging...

or throw stuff around and scream. only ways I calm down....

I'm scary huh??

Cause I was given birth to by the devil cheese Pictures, Images and Photos