Sunday, June 7, 2009

Went to WestBury Common today (some mall thing but its like an outdoor mall?? all stores are outside instead of inside one building if you get the picture)

My Uncle came along. Made me happy 8D but my self esteem made me cry in front of him today because of shopping...~

nothing new lawl

i feel a bit left out in my group of friends as well but eh xDDD wtf am I worrying about that for anyway...

if they don't want included I can't complain v.v still speak with them so...

annnnnnd iiiiiiii waaaaant toooooo daaaaaance thiiiiiiiiis sooooooong aaaaattttt myyyyyyy sweeeeeeeet siiiiiiiixteeeeeen paaaarrrttttyyyyyy wiiiiiiiiiiith myyyyyyyyy daaaaaaaaaaad annnnnnnnnnnnd uncllllllllleeeeeeeeeeee......

seems corny, but for many spanish girls this song is perfect for sweet 16/sweet 15s

and I love iiiiiiittttt. even mom says i chose perfect song v.v

idk, its special to me, i was pratically crying imagining me with my father and uncle.

i think thats it~ later xD