Tuesday, June 30, 2009

oh my goodness child!

went to meet trainer in godmom's gym yesterday.
he scared shit out of me :s

this morning i woke up and after showering i called mom, AND SHE SAID I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO WOOO CAUSE SHE DIDN'T LIKE WAY HE SPOKE TO ME

so instead went walking on own today :DDD

and before leaving i had told grandma stuff he said and way he spoke, then when i got back from walk and got to dads store he frowned and asked "wtf happened yesterday" and i blinked, then said "ohhh grandma told." and i explained way dude spoke and omg o__o dad raaaaaaaaged.

said he would go over and punch that motherfucker if insulted me

i was like wtf, what happened to dad that hated me and didnt care anymore o__O

and mom made us pancake yaaaaay...they were good x.x

i asked dad to correct my spanish poem...and then asked him to translate some of 2 french songs for me, since he used to take french a looong time ago.

and..we're kinda talking again? E_E i guess...i hope..

i wanna see katy perry in july |D wish i could go backstage and meet her, and make out with too xDDD lawl that would never happen o.o

and i wanna get my new cell phone D: but i doubt will happen soon cuz of me n dad.

who knooows what will happen x_x we may be talking bit but can still be bad relationship.

:s wish for me my old father back..