Monday, June 1, 2009


I threw up in school today 8D

how awesome. XD

I wanna stay home tomorrow, after all even teachers told me I should stay home this way with all that happened v.v

but you know how lovely parents are.

Well, I had poked Michael in his ticklish spot and he was drinking water then said "for the love of crap I'm drinking water" and I said that that's what he gets for doing the same thing to me earlier.

Then Kasha asked "did he just say he's drinking water full of crap" because that's what she heard apparently xDDD He choked on his water and snot came out his nose..:S yucky

I saw and my stomach started churning cause looking at stuff like that or smelling disgusting things, i get sick xD

sooooooooooooo! I tried holding in but ended up throwing up on floor XD got on my sweater. i waited for my english teacher cause she wasn't in the room at the time, so when she came told her what happened then went to bathroom and threw up 3 more times. xD

my stomach sure reacted negatively to that site. I tried washing off vomit mark from sweater, but didn't work so gonna have to get it washed xD.

came home early for this reason cause my stomach was all weird feeling after all that throwing up. after coming home I stuffed my mouth like a monster.

eventually I may end up feeling stomach ill or throwin up again xD

ahhhhh...v.v sickness always finds its way to us~


Kat said...

Seriously? XD I haven't been sick in years. o_o I think the last time was when i ate an easter egg at christmas, then threw up over my dad, and the carpet. The stain is still there, and I think i was 8 when i last threw up xD