Thursday, June 25, 2009

zomg biscuit juices fried chicken kool aid

i bought this magazine few days ago o: called imagineFX (i took pic of in earlier blog post)

got some awesoooome art in their man @o@

and came with this dvd!! and has photoshop cs3 and corel painter 11 demos inside!

i put in painter 11 demo and so far i am awed @0@ looks better than photoshop to me.


so this sunday goin with dad to computer show to hopefully buy it waaaay cheaper than regular price <''D

its like 400 bucks dude o.o I don't wanna pay 400 bucks

so yah...

i fergot what else was gonna say on here


went walking with my mom's friend today xDDD she called me her daughter lawl

only thing that i didn't like when walking with her was her smoking D8 i hate that damn tobacco smeeelll, just annoys me. and then I don't wanna breathe that in, so i hold breathe and try avoiding smell xD

but other than that was pretty okay with her. She wants to go to beach with me and bring a long her granddaughter (who's pretty hawt, and she's like 12/13...[alex is being a peeerrrvv])

so I'm up to it~

thats it for noooow~ adios amigos x) (bye friends)