Saturday, July 11, 2009

all that i got~

yaaaah, that song's pretty nice xD vid's bit crappy but whatever, the only one I found that was okay.

I'm supposed to be cleaniiiing...yaaaah.

I haven't started and I have to go get ready for work in like 40 minutes.

oh well, If I do nothing now then I do rest tonight, cause unlike dad, I don't think mom's coming home~

oo, my friend amelia from like 8th grade :o sent me this foward msg thing:
(not gonna put all the fwd shits here i cba too and dnt care much for)

FWD: If you saw me in 20 years wearing a wedding ring who do you think i would be married to? If you're brave send this to ten people.

Well, ofc I didn't send to ten people, I'm too lazy to. xD So i sent back to her saying I didn't know who she would marry and sent to my other friend Sheniece.

Amelia said "Omg alex--it would be sasuke of course lol, you would be married to naruto"

Our little inside joke in 8th grade cause we were naruto obsessed back then XD So she was ms. uchiha (cause she loves sasuke) and I was ms. uzumaki (cause I love naruto xD)

lalala xDD yaaah. then I sent it to Sheniece and she said "idk, some japanese person"

and I was just thinking to myself, am I that obsessed with japanese stuff or something? xDDDD

I didn't even know I show it off that much, oh well.

I laughed at myself eventually and just went /facepalm at the fact its probably pretty obvious xDDD

so yeah, I think I better get cleaning, so hopefully I'll be back on later who knows.

ttyl ;O