Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, I sure haven't posted, or made another vlog like I said I would.

I've been thinking a lot and haven't been in mood for, apologies.

Goodness, well let's see xD

I went to pool other day like I said in first vlog vid. Mom pretty much wouldn't stop arguing, glaring, getting pissed, etc. I was very close to throwing my bag at her head then running to dads job xDD but i stayed cause of my niece -_- but should've done what dad said "then leave and say you don't wanna go, and come home."

But I stayed cause didn't wanna leave my niece upset :/

I shouldve left though x| !

ah well, too late now. Was arguing from moment we left, to moment we came back. She even told me after coming out of pool that she's gonna send me home without eating lunch! XD then she asks 2 minutes later when seeing a pizzaria if I wanna go there, and I'm like 'wtf?'

so i shrug and she heads inside, my niece calls after me saying to come in and I tell her I'm going home just like mom wants me to~ and then she comes out with my mother and ends up leaving with me -__-

so when off the bus i walk ahead of them and tell dad some parts of what happened, then told him i'm not going out with her anymore, and well, i haven't xP and won't.

well that was that day ~~

I made a livejournal to read a special someone's blooog 8]

but only posted one thing on there and really, i think I'm just gonna use that account to read my bffl's blog x3 I'll just keep using blogger.

so yah D: thats it for now I guess. laterz