Wednesday, July 8, 2009

same old same old

parents had big argument today, dad even threw his keys towards mom and she said if that hit her she would've hit him and then there would have been real trouble :s

dad left the store angry after throwing a stair ladder around where mom was.

and then mom spoke to me about how she thinks she's gonna leave my dad and leave him for good if this continues and how she's dealt with it for over 20 years and she's tired of it v.v

she also said she doesn't blame me for having a bad attitude because this is all i've known. Since I was a baby all I've seen was arguing arguing arguing. but that I need to change my attitude to get anywhere x.x

bunch of shit xD and dad's sick and being stubborn but tomorrow I'm taking him to the doctor because I am not letting him go when he's about to die - -'''

so gonna have to call padrino (since I'm going to anyway) at 10 like I promised and explain about our day together tomorrow. I might have to go with him to central park later since I'm takin dad to doc's tomorrow early.

He should understand :o

I also have to make a michael jackson cd for my cousin, and I have to call johnny too o.o''

guess thats all for now xD later! Waving Emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos