Monday, July 13, 2009


was supposed to get tickets at hammerstein ballroom for Katy Perry show, turns out I needed to order them -_-

and I was going to do that two weeks ago >:/ now I hope there are tickets left to buy! because when I went to tickemaster it kept saying it couldn't find what I requested and I tried everything they said to to fix the prob -__- hopefully it will work tomorrow.

went to work today, to do nothing.

had grilled cheese and fries for dinner 8] yum.

my cousin and his son which is my cousin too came to visit us :O

and I found out my little cous is sick ;__; well nto really sick but...

well he's hyperactive dad says and has ADD and they give him medications to calm him down n stuff. He also has probs with speech and learning ._______.

He barely remembers me though, because last time I saw him was at his 2 year old birthday.

Says my dad is his grandpa xDDD he's adorable man.

I hope he'll be fine...

I'm bit bored atm, BUT my parents are sleeping at my grandma's house ;DD since grandma's at puerto rico my mom says she wanted dad sleeping over there with her cause everytime she sleeps at our place she can't sleep at all.

Dad says I'm supposed to be offline at 11 pm. but like o.o he's not here and I'm probably gonna stay on later?

When I go to bed I'll try not to make noise when walking around :o

8] freedoooooooom woot woot.

k byez. xD