Tuesday, July 7, 2009


woo hooooooo

well uh, hello there xD it's been a while yet again - -'

well uh lets see.

power wire from comp got taken away, then I got really pissed, then I broke my cell phone XD

I laugh at that now.

uhhh i guess for now im using the not so well working palmone old ass phone dad had put away XD and camera sucks big time o.o looks so grainy n shitz.

gotta see if i put my sim card in ma's phone will it show all my numbers so i can at least write down or somethin o.o

......and i just found a paper with some numbers of ppl i know -.-'''

some of the numbers are old though so...xD


I went to BJ's with dad and my bro eric. Eric was telling me bout this chick at his school and how she went up to him and yelled out "OMG YOU'RE SO HOT" XDDDDD! I laughed so much when he told. And he said he asked her if she was crazy <;)))" XDD he says he's not too sure if he should get with her though cuz like :o she's 24...and he's 43 XDDDD

but eh, i told him like look at my mom and our dad v,v 14 years difference, so like xD i don't think age really matters if u like her like that. and yah 8D

now i'm home and missed the spanish soap opera I wanted to watch, but like :o im gonna check online to see if they show the episode, so far what mom said that happened was goooood. and she said she saw my quidance counselor on tv o.o on spanish channel, speaking about cuba where's she's from o:

and uhhh thats it for now?


and now the contacts from my sim card just went into my phonebook on the phone o.o lucky me