Wednesday, July 22, 2009

was a goodday.

oh ffs x_x I have such HUGE headache atm. and its annoying me. first my teeth hurt then huuuuge headache. oh joy.

wi-fi crap on ds isnt working, so can't connect with joona and yuki to play pokemon D:

niece is supposedly coming tomorrow so i'll make her help me >[

I just noticed I missed the new real world episode two hours ago....


ah well. cba to care.

Went out with my uncle today. Walking for hours at central park then eating at McDonald's. Caesar salaaaad wow Pictures, Images and Photos

I want another one of those. bleh. Might go walking with niece tomorrow to 86th street x| and she better not complain.

uuuugggghhh headache is killing me X__X im going to bed reeeaaal soon. blehgh....

i need a fuckin coffee, a nice warm one. or some tea. im dyin here.

X_X emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos