Saturday, July 11, 2009



my mother woke me up from talking loudly on phone at 6:30 am to people in puerto rico about my grandmother's arrival and medications -.-'''

I couldn't fall back asleep soooo started watching tv o.0 and there's this Halloween movie playing on's so corny and weird xDDD

like the dudes parents got killed and took him so long to realize xDDDD shows how much he cares. he went to friends house saying he hadn't seen his parents in a few days I was like wtf you LIVE with them XDDDD

then they find his parents bodies in his house, and his friends are like "lets call 911!!....whats their number again?" i was just like /facepalm

now apparently the killer is inside of him xD controlling his body, and now he's at this girl's place (he has huge crush on) its pretty entertaining

NOW I was writing here yesterday but uh xDDD had to go to bed and i forgot i never finished my post, or posted anything at all xD

sooo yesterday i was supposed to post this:

Good Stuff:

I got payed 60 bucks for working this week 8]

and my uncle came to visit yaaaaay :D

that was the only good stuff of the day I guess XD

Bad Stuff:

My mom slept over and as usualy had her moody self -.-''


I get so freaked of thunder cause its so loud XDD freaks me out. Lightning scares me a bit as well o.o the flashing is bright and I would think it's gonna hit window and break it or somethin xDD


yah I wanted to post that yesterday.

the movie I mentioned is so weird o.o the girl he has huge crush on pulled him into her house and into her room and started makin out with him xDDD and the killer controlling his hand movements n crap almost choked her while kissing like 3 times XDDD then he said hold on and tied his hand on bed railing with some string and the girl's all "oooo YOU'RE KINKY heeheehee"

omg. xDDD

well im done on here for now X3 laterz


IceRomancer said...

your mom is hott :D