Friday, July 24, 2009


Went to 86th street today with my niece 8]

bought imvu credits -regrets that as usual-

bought my niece two magazines. Went to Barnes n Noble, and found out my membership expires in the end of the month, so gotta renew that soon. xD sadly -.-'''

later on went to seaport with dad and niece o-o had to look for a parking for soooo long and when dad was turning a corner, some guy who wanted to try crossing while dad was coming yelled "WHAT THE FUCK" in front of his gf I'm guessing and group of friends xDD

and my dad was like "what the fuck what?!" and he yelled "YOU'RE ABOUT TO RUN ME OVER MAN!!" and my dad was like "MAYBE YOU SHOULD LOOK WHERE YER GOING" and the bastard responded "FUCK YOU GET OUT OF HERE MAN YOU'RE EMBARRASSING ME!" while he grabbed his girl moving her over, and she just grinned like she was enjoying this xD and my dad yelled back "YA FUCK YOU TOO!"

and the bastard yelled "go fuck yourself" when my dad started moving again


be all like "excuse me? but what the hell gives you the right to be talking to my father like that? MIND YOU a soon to be 9 year old is in the backseat, SO WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. another thing, if you're trying to impress a girl by acting stupid, I sure feel sorry for you're dumb looking ass right now. you saw the car coming, why try to cause problems and just WAIT. like seriously. Starting a fight to look so HIGH AND MIGHTY, that's low. oh and, how about YOU go play with yourself at home, because I don't think you're getting any ass tonight babe."

I WOULDVE SAID AAAALLL THAT, and if he touched me, OHOHOHO. it would be me AND my dad punching the life outta that bitch xDDD

He said fuck so many times omg, I was just /facepalm at him whooole time.

It was after dad drove off, that i was ready to get out the car and make that jerk cry his way home to mommy. :]

but sadly x.x dad drove away too quick, and my anger built up a bit late xD.

My niece was just laughing at what i was telling dad I wouldve said to tell that fucker off, and dad was just saying "he's an idiot"

yah, he truly was.

well, we finally found a parking after that :O and there was a concert-ish thing goin on there, but the music sucked xD was some type of weird...mechanical soundin...techno-ish thing...e.o sounded horrible xD and I'm amazed there were sooooo many ppl there.

I took niece to the keychain store where I got my two keychains :o bought her one, she says its "mysterious" xD long as she likes it i'm a-ok!

then I went to gamestop, got sims for my ds ;o I got the last one, I was lucky xDD

read Joona's blog, and he posted this test he took, how much have you screwed up of your teenage life 0.0 and I took it, on my own from his blog from what he posted annnnd

I screwed up 60% of my teenage life!

I actually thought would get more o.0

oh well.

now I'm sitting in garden alone~ o.o

soooo, back to my boredom xD laterz