Friday, August 21, 2009



1. went to see bro, for a kiss and hug, since he leave tomorrow afternoon to florida.
2. stayed at store, hoping to go out with dad for a ride.
3. spoke to this professor who teaches at the college of my high school (I go to Hunter High school, he works at Hunter college)
4. slept in dad's car while him and mom were at his old apartment cleaning out stuff for the guy who's renting the place now.
5. bought dinner for myself, and got pissed at grandmother.

well today was fine day,

That professor is really nice man o_o

I would love him as my teacher. He said can talk to him anytime, and we discussed like how I think will do in school this year and what I'm into for my future etc.

He talked most of the time then stated that he speaks a lot and apologized xD I just laughed saying was okay, cause he spoke about interesting things with me o_o

it was nice convo xD

he said too, that if I get the grade I want in chemistry in first semester or like in mid year (i want at least a B in that class) he would get me and my parents tickets to see In The Heights (he told me how the writer of that play graduated from my high school) I think i turned red saying he's too generous ( i even giggled oh gawsh)

He just smiiiiiled at me xD

He said its up to me, would I take the offer, and i was just like "yeah...I like seeing those shows so...." and he said ok then xD

He told me to search vid of that dude that wrote the play on youtube, so i'm gonna see it soon o.o and then email him later about it, cause he wants to know what I think of it. xD

so yeah, that part of the day made me seriously happy, cause I finally met that professor >x] been waiting to meet him for a while so...xD

ahhhh. anywayz, on with it alex, on with it xD

I came home, and started eating my dinner in kitchen, (which was chinese takeout) and dad was sitting across from me, then grandma came over and started talking with him as always.

and then she watched me eating and started saying "alex, the food you're eating right now isn't bad but...don't you think you should at least try losing 25 to 30 pounds before school starts?"


Like seriously, I get enough from my mom and other fam members, and other people.

Now you gotta nag too, knowing just how much it hurts me?

I'm overweight, thanks for stating the fucking obvious xD

I'm so sick of this already. I started yelling that I'm gonna die, it doesnt matter, no one will care, I'll go commit suicide in river by house right now because no one in this house loves me yadayadayada, bunch of depression shit xD

dad told me to stop and I cried saying it was true, I feel no one loves me, I should have never been born, I was never wanted, etc.

and he knew. HE KNEW what grandma said wasn't the right thing to say. She got pissed cause I got pissed like wtf xD she told me won't be washing my clothes anymore. Ya know what, fine. I'll go wash my clothes at washing machine place, and she can stayed with her boredom as much as she wants xD thats only reason she washes clothes anyway. BOREDOM

I'm not gonna settle for that shit anymore, seriously. Leave me the fuck alone, I'm gonna lose weight when I can.

And I don't care if she stays mad, those "you know I love you"s were all bullshit and I knew it xD

Yeah I got REAL pissed.

She said she's leaving, she goes to puerto rico in november, I sure can't wait xD freedom from the 2nd bitch in house, yaaaaay.

anywayz. I think i'm good for now. My friends always make me feel better.

and they make me forget, for the time that I'm on here, I forget everything, because of them xD

I love them so much man D:

wonder what would life be like without~

without my online buds?

probably lots of hell~

and loneliness~

So I'm greatful to everyone I've met on here :3 you all know who you are.


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Kat said...

That sucks D; why should you lose weight? It's your own body and you should be able to do what you want with it >_<

I want a tattoo and piercings, and I'll get murdered when i get em, but i don't caare 8D


αrєkkusu said...

xDDD well i have to lose weight cuz well v.v overweight = body problems and LOTS so v.v....but i hate fact people base it on looks so much. Everyone is beautiful whether fat or skinny, it just pisses me off that everything's about looking better :/ its like saying I'm ugly way I am and if i turn skinny will be beautiful.

Kat said...

Bleh, people are too prejudiced these days >_<