Friday, August 28, 2009


Woot Woot Woot


today I'm going to a spanish concert (its called polito vega, if u wanna know who i'm gonna see, go to ticketmaster and search it for friday's [today, august 28th] show and you'll see the spanish singers names on right hand side i believe when you click date~

so yeah.

i straightened my hair, and here's pic of me doing so xD


gawd i look awful x.x whatever

anyway xD

my mother came ¬_¬ to iron clothes for me and dad.

I was gonna do so but V_V she beat me to it. I was doing my hair still when she came.

then before she left, started arguing xDDD

my room's a mess and she kept walking around in it, moving stuff, and I'm just watching her from corner of my eye, waiting to see just WHEN she's gonna start yelling xD and what do ya know 8] she started just few minutes after staring at things.

complaining how i'm a pig and such v-v and reason why my father wants to leave with grandma is cause of me, and reason why she doesnt come here anymore is cause of me.

cause I'm a pig and don't clean properly and everytime she comes argues with me, so she hates coming here xD

I was thinking to myself "good, I don't want you here anyway" V_V

not nice to say bout mom but XD it's true v.v

yesterday she told me how this girl came asking to be adopted :O

and she was 14 and overweight with low self esteem like me v-v

mom said she was thinking of adopting her, and believe it or not i would'nt mind xD

I'm pretty lonely, my brother and sisters like, never see me xD cept for billy, he comes around time to time and calls and texts.

but yeah, would be nice to have a sister with me. mom said the kid would love her and all, she would be the daughter loving her cause her true daughter (me) doesn't xD but then she started saying today that she isn't so sure cause wouldn't be able to hit her cause that isn't her child -_-''' (mom is a true abuser in the mind, already thinking of slapping the kid)

she said she can at least slap me around, and I just laughed pretending to not be bothered by those words..xD

well, i finished my hair, but it feels so...plain xD i wanna make it go....WOW 0_0

x.x ....

well i just fixed it in a way that i like a lot now xDD

here's pic :D



well i better go get ready now :o



Kat said...

OOOOH, your hair looks awesome 8D <3 Mine always goes poofy and frizzy ~_~

αrєkkusu said...

mine got poofy a while afterwards xDDD but thats cuz i walked in the rain, even though it was drizzling, when my hair gets wet, its starts waving and poofing, and depending on how wet, it gets curly xD

Kat said...

Curly, oh god, my hair is like a mass of noodles, always XDDD

αrєkkusu said...

rofl xD