Saturday, August 22, 2009

Manos Al Aire~

ahhh I love this song now :3

Manos al aire by nelly Furtado


lyrics translation is mostly incorrect, so dont bother reading that xD

Well lets see~

today I woke up at like 1 pm.

had gooood long sleep. Then decided I should look for the school book that I bought while back for summer assignment.

AND I can't find it -_-

Gonna have to buy it again, and dad says the other one might appear when I buy the new one cause thats how it always happens. xD

things appear when you replace them/don't look for anymore.

I hate that.

luckily the book's only 2 bucks, then plus shipping is 6 bucks in all >:/ wouldve been REALLY pissed if was like 25 bucks or something like that.

Then went to store, grandma notices I'm still bit angry, cuz I didn't go downstairs to greet her or to even eat, and when I went downstairs it was to tell her I was leaving xD

and she was just all "ok" in her supposedly nice voice.

When I got to store, stayed with mom and dad, things were as usual. Then we took mom to meat place so she can buy meat to cook for dinner and stuff. While I was waiting with dad in car I signed into msgr and spoke with johnny :o its been a while since we had spoken, i missed him xD

then we dropped mom off so she can put away meat in grandma's house, then we all went to seaport 8D and I had my breakfast/lunch/dinner (hadn't eaten at all like i said before so xD bought food and ate) we also got pretzels :o

was goooood.

afterwards we basically spoke I guess then went bathroom break then left xD I got on msgr on phone again on way home, and spoke with johnny again, then finally got on comp when home for last ten minutes johnny got to stay x.x

Amazing that when johnny has to go early, dad ends up having to stop at a lot of places for stuff randomly -.- so that waste 50 minutes i could have used to talk to johnny on comp xD


OH and This here is for Joona:


He requested pic of phone last night, so I said will take pic today and show 8]

that chain on it is something a sophomore/now junior from school gave me :o she had this nice chain similar to one I have there that she gave me, and I asked where she got it from, cuz i always wanted to have one for my phone, she told me it was this store round where she lived or something, and offered to get me one :D

So she did! and when I got new phone I said will use on it, and now I do x33

Its some strawberry xD and has clear and white beads :o

Its cute x3

oh and, since screen looks bit blurry, thats basically it saying hit key lock button to unlock phone and it shows time and date :o

yeah thats it for now o.o

:D laterz!