Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Well, I didn't post yesterday cause wasn't in blogging mood, apologies~

WELL, update update..

My grandmother and mom have been wanting to go to this spanish concert, and its on friday. So yesterday night went with dad to get the tickets, and the dude told dad that the shows on for two days, friday AND saturday, and he asked which would he like. Dad decided to let people pass in line and call mom.

She said she didn't want to make that choice, so to call grandma. So he did, and grandma chose saturday.

We got the tickets, like $450 for all four -__- i swear, we could've let the concert pass, I lived without the concerts I wanted to see, grandma can too.

so much damn money spent I was shocked.

But whatever, dad didn't want to hear grandma's annoying mouth later on.

after we got tickets, we went walking around, looking at the stores, then when we got back in the car on way home, mom called me.

Started saying not to get the tickets to the show for saturday because saturday is something else. She told me it wasn't who we wanted to see, and I told dad, he got really pissed, then bunch of arguing and he said how he knew this would cause problems yadayada.

Grandma was one most at fault here -_- cause apparently she knew about the fact that saturday was a different show and didn't tell us that she knew! so caused a bunch of probs, and made dad pissed at me cause I said I didn't want to see that show, and he got pissed at mom too, and was acting so stubborn and childish today -___-

He even told me "get away, I hate you" when I tried hugging him and pushed me away.


I cried, and he laughed at me crying, I told him he didn't need to say that, and he's being mad at me for no reason.

then things got...a lil better I guess. We went out to the mall, and I bought a usb for my phone so i can put music in it, and it turned out to be only a charging usb for the phone -___-

and dad argued with me again when I tried working usb crap out, and he kept saying in car before that he's walking away from this family, leaving me with mom, and leaving grandma in puerto rico.

It pisses me off, because I tell him I'm gonna follow him, and he says no I'm staying with mom because I'm disrespectful, like wtf did I do?

I can not stand this anymore.

so much arguing, and most of the shits blamed on me, and I didn't even DO anything.

this family, isn't even a family. and no one wants me anyway, no one loves me here, and I love I need to show it in a better way in order to be loved back?

seriously, and I can't have much love left for them anyway, I feel too hated, and unwanted.

By my own family.

NO one loves me in this house.

I wish I had a family that actually showed love to each other, instead of nonstop anger and hate.

when can I stop crying?


Kat said...

¬¬ Your dad actually said that? If my dad did that, he'd get some arse kicking from me >=///

But look on the bright side, you can maybe get your own little place when you're old enough, maybe at 18 or 19, and get away from those idiots


αrєkkusu said...

been waiting for that day for years and still waiting for it -_-'''

when I'm 18, I wanna be out of this place xD

Kat said...

Yeah, I can't wait to move, get my own little flat in the middle of the town. And when Joosu comes he won't have to go back, he can live with me, then there'll be no more drama about social workers and foster care >_<

Aaand there she goes again ¬¬

But yeah, I can't wait xD The thing i'm looking forward to the most it having no internet restrictions, and FREEEEDOOOOM, yeeeaaah :D

αrєkkusu said...

xDDD yeah x3