Monday, August 24, 2009

Today I...

Cleaned today, but at first wasted time on comp with waste, then started cleaning at like 3:30 or something xD

finished at like 4:30, was pretty fast cause I turned off comp so i don't get distracted.

was relieved when i was done, then grandma told me when I went downstairs after showering and stuff that mom brought dinner, this time i liked, and I was starving, didn't eat a thing all day xD

yeeaaah, so i ate, then went to store.

there was a rose there by the table so i asked where'd mom and dad get the rose from xD

mom said dad said that he found it in the gate...I was like...wha? xD

I looked at dad, and he pointed to mom like "her fault!" xD then he started saying how it was her boyfriend who left that there, and that he put it there to see if he would get jealous

xD mom said "and I wonder who that is" cause dad always says how she has another bf besides him xD which isnt true.

then dad said its stupid to put a rose in the gate to make him jealous, cuz he wont be jealous, he'll just send the bf a thank you letter xDDD i cracked up.

dad and his funny self~

later on visited my bro, then went to supermarket and got milk and bread, and rice pudding, and two doggy dish foods for kippi, and dad got his oranges, and that was it.

grandma told me kippi doesnt eat those small dog food dish things i got him, but i fed it to him before and he loved them -_- she probably just wants to continue leading the dog to his death bed earlier than wanted -.-'''

she likes feeding him our food, and that got him addicted to our food, and now he barely eats his kibble. only time he does is when im in the kitchen eating, because he knows I don't give him food.

mom had told me they showed some program on tv about that, that its bad to feed dogs our food because they can also get diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, from eating our kind of food. well, she's sending him dying, not me
. and when he dies, and she cries, i'll be watching her, because she can't blame anyone else xD

1. I never wanted that specific dog, so she can't get mad if I don't cry.
2. She can't blame anyone else but herself, for feeding all that crap to him.

wow, i totally went from calm to angry in this post xD...

bleh, anyway.

when I went to see my bro, him and dad started talkin in car in spanish bout my sister. I pretended I couldn't understand while listening to my ipod.

bro started saying how she's getting "worse" how she's back in the hospital, and she hallucinates stuff.

people would look around in the street and she'll think they are looking at her, people would laugh in the street and she'll think they are laughing at her.

it gets worse and bro said. I'm worried about her...

also, i found out my niece got left back in school. She isn't a senior, she's a junior, again.

she was saying she was, but she wasn't.

she had left her bag in her grandmother's house, and her grandmother is nosy. so she looked through her bag and found her report card.

her mother doesnt take such bullshit and might kick her out for this, and she said she'll just get a job and rent a place, but my bro says where she lives (in florida) rent's like 800-900 bucks a month, and the jobs pay less there. she thinks its gonna be easy.

nothing in life's easy darlin' xD get that in yer head.

I love my niece, but I'm upset that she let herself fall that far, apparently she isn't what i thought she was.

i want her to finish high school, go to college, and get a good career to support herself.

but that's probably not happening, i wish I could talk to her, find out whats going on, of course can't believe what everyone says, no one knows what could be going on at home.

or at school,

or maybe she's just a lazy bum. but whatever.

I'm just gonna pray for her, and hope that she gets a better attitude, and sees whats the sacrifice behind her choices.

v__v sigh..

well, i'm gonna stop now. don't wanna think of such this late. bye byez.



is it time to wake up from this nightmare yet?...


maybe if I sleep, I'll wake up eventually...back to reality..back to a happy life style...

or maybe, the nightmare was reality this whole time?