Sunday, August 16, 2009


1. cleaned, but didnt finish
2. went with bro, nephew, and dad to zoo for few hours
3. got food to eat
4. brought nephew and bro to house for a few
5. bought grandma food
6. continued the cleaning i didn't finish.

~___~ ima, ima, a diva, ima, ima, a diva~

now i love that song. ¬0¬

anywayz back to my day

Yeah was bit stressful, my nephew misbehaves so much now.

and he comments on my overweightness -_- last time he came he said i was he started saying today i really need to lose weight, and if i go sit on certain things they'll break ._______________.

he was like another image of my mother in a little kid, i just stared at him quietly not knowing wtf to say. I told dad in private and he said I gotta tell him not to say that cause it's bad. But wtf man, when people tell me stuff like that so easily, I stay shocked, and can't speak.

it hurt, and I still can't believe my nephew said it.

I'm pretty much sitting here saying I hate myself xDDD


I thought I'd be happy coming home, I just feel stress.

felt stressed out aaalll daaay....

im tired.

REAL tired.