Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hello all ~ :D

well, I woke up at like, 12pm today o.o.

My sis-in-law texted bout this japan festival thing that was going on today o: I wanted to go, and asked dad, but he said I could go alone, and I don't like going alone to places like that xD

always need someone with, and the only friend i can possibly go with wouldn't be able to go with me most likely. And I'm not speaking with my other ones so~

I had breakfast with dad, he made good coffee for me o.o

then he started taking about the bureau in his room, he's gonna use the parts to make a closet downstairs in grandpa's old room o:

I helped out, and got annoyed cleaning out stuff from it while sitting on the floor, cause my knees start to hurt a lot xD I went back and forth between comp, and dad. On comp I talked to Vince :o he starts school tomorrow, and today I wanted to talk to him as much as I can before he had to go to bed.

He only got to sneak fifteen minutes after ten DX wish he could've stayed up till eleven.

I hope he has a good day though v.v

Well, we didn't finish breaking apart bureau, but eventually we'll have it done x.x i hope.

after cleaning out crap and throwing junk out, had to shower and go to grandma's place to get dinner from mom for us~ I showered for like, an hour xD cause I started washing my hair, and dad got pissed, and mom called asking where the hell i was. I just stayed in shower, washing out conditioner 8] and since i put so much, in result i get super softness ~_~

Dad told me to tell mom when I got there that he loves her but that she abandoned him today and he won't forget that. I told her, and she said that she at least cooked, because her feet are hurting her a lot and she didn't want to get up. and on way out she was behind me taking trash out, and I accidentally dropped my headphone from hand, ones to my ipod, then she saw and said she didn't understand why I needed to bring that shit xD

and I just got annoyed cause she was already beginning to blabber and complain, so I just yelled "ok, good bye" while walking away quickly xDDD

thank gawd the food was at least good -.- she actually made me something separate that I liked, so I enjoyed eating my food xD

then me and dad went to barnes n noble o: ordered my book for school x.x I got this manga called hot gimmick, he got a magazine, and we renewed barnes n noble membership o:

so now whenever we buy stuff there, we save a certain percent depending on whats bought o.o

and we got home just in time to watch ABDC 8D this week most of the groups didn't do so great as they usually do though :s only 2 stuck out. oh shit i gotta vote o_o -goes to mtv site-


ks I voted 8D

Now everytime we see show, dad wants me voting for one of the groups xD

and atm he's syncing his iphone to his laptop but is having probs with the transferring of music, and I helped him with certain things, but oh gosh...xD


eh, not really, least not yet...or maybe it HAS...hmmmm....

a question left unanswered v.v

thats it now x3 bye byez