Friday, September 25, 2009


LobaLunar: -has lesbo sex with veronica- x3
KibaTheWhiteSoul: Woot!
LobaLunar: xD!
SHADOW500000: *wake up and come out and look at girls have sex* woot!! :D
SHADOW500000: *take photo both of you* :D
SHADOW500000: lesbian porn :P
LobaLunar: -breaks his camera- ^^
SHADOW500000: XD
SHADOW500000: nooo D:
KibaTheWhiteSoul: God damnit I think my dad is coming downstairs to take computer
SHADOW500000: me need money XD
LobaLunar: o_o
KibaTheWhiteSoul: -Steps on it-
SHADOW500000: :o
SHADOW500000: fine me sorry ladies X3
SHADOW500000: *steps on my camera* there happy XD
KibaTheWhiteSoul: Yes.
LobaLunar: yuuup x3
SHADOW500000: X3
SHADOW500000: wanna huggles? :3
SHADOW500000: <(^.^)>
KibaTheWhiteSoul: -Suggles with Alex- nuuu
SHADOW500000: you both cut :3
SHADOW500000: cute*
SHADOW500000: fine :(
SHADOW500000: oh well XD me leave wel lbye have fun with your gf X3
LobaLunar: LOL
KibaTheWhiteSoul: LMAO XD
LobaLunar: he thinks we're together ROFL
SHADOW500000: (vO.Ov) bye-bye *lonely*
KibaTheWhiteSoul: XD!
SHADOW500000: XD
KibaTheWhiteSoul: Heheheh
SHADOW500000: me guess you want me leave XD
SHADOW500000: okay :3
SHADOW500000: have fun X3
LobaLunar: o-o
LobaLunar: no one said that but uh ok xD
SHADOW500000: *walks away*
KibaTheWhiteSoul: <.<
SHADOW500000: fine :I *think: girls really not like me me need make friends :I*
SHADOW500000: *and find new people :3*
KibaTheWhiteSoul: -Giggles at the girlfriend thing-
KibaTheWhiteSoul: xD
LobaLunar: xDDD
SHADOW500000 has left the chat
KibaTheWhiteSoul: Woohooooooooooo!
KibaTheWhiteSoul: Yes!
LobaLunar: XDDDD


Kat said...

Lol. I gotta meet this guy, srsly XDDD