Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've failed miserably xDDD

yeah okay, vegetarian lasted one day only.

I spoke to some dude in a room on imvu about it last night xDD and he had family who were vegetarians, his bro's fam i think he said, and how his uncle or someone idk, died at the age of 47 cuz his heart exploded or something. and the docs told them how it was cuz he didn't get enough protein since he was a vegetarian.

THAT SCARED SHIT OUTTA ME XD he told me how he found out they die younger, even though they are healthier and what not.

I was bit shocked, I didn't wanna believe and showed him part of some paragraph on some site i read and how it said vegetarians can get protein like any meat eater yada yada but he said its not true because the meat we eat is what truly gives us that yadayadayada i got bit scared v_v''

and then i stared at meat i had for dinner, and ended up eating cuz i was scared xDDD

im such failure x_x

but yeah....I probably won't be able to keep up.... .___. I feel bad Dx

I hope I can find other ways to somehow help with way animals are treated though ;~; i doubt I can find another way as good as not eating them though...


so yeah, I got angry last night after that xD cuz I'm such anger prob child xD

so yeah note to self: do not wear low pants on imvu in front of certain people.

I got really pissed cuz of that x_x well not exactly that xD but, well yeah not gonna write what really got me angry on here.

but yeah anyway >x[ after giving off angry vibe i felt pretty bad, so I just went all "ALEX YOU'RE SO STUPID" at myself while laying in bed staring at msgr on my phone XDDD

but yeah...anywayz

my moms sick D: boooooo

she's acting nice ¬.¬ she's gonna rage at me later this week, I know it.

OH AND scanned two pics...well more like the covers of an old poetry book I had made in 8th grade, it only has one poem in it though, and I forgot all about the drawings I did on front and back, so decided to scan x3



yuuuup. xD

and I have this demon-ish guy image in my head that I wanna draw, so I'm gonna get to doing that o:



Kat said...

AHA! Welcome back to the Carnivore Club >:3 XD

One down, one to go >_>

Waste said...

|D I fail at colors, for instancee

αrєkkusu said...

>___> kat....



and wastey :O I baaaarely color xDDD

since that was for school, i colored, but usually if i color on my own, for my own wanting, its raaare that it happens xD

It gets tiring i guess Dx

And I wanna get photoshop for comp soon when i have time, so I guess when I get that i can color as much as i want <.< >.>