Thursday, September 24, 2009


today was ok day xD security guards that do scanning in morning really pissed me off though.

they made me throw out my water bottle because it was "open" -_- the thing was closed!

they said was open e_e cause like, wasn't sealed. its not like its gonna spill in machine! CAN STILL BE CLOSED YA KNOOOW

and i told them, i need my water all day because of my kidneys, then the lady told me i could go buy one inside cafeteria LIKE WTF thats waste of money cause I could just keep mine that i bring from home

i got so pissed, i threw my bottle in garbage and walked away with michael =_= if they do same shit to me tomorrow, I'm gonna tell her look i have no money, would you like to go buy it for me? I need my water, i need this water because of kidney problems I've had since I was little, and if I don't have water, I of course will be dying of thirst -_-

i got really pissed at that, but talking with michael afterwards got me back to normal mood, and then when other people came we had mini food fight xD throwing pieces of bagels around table at each other's heads and crap xDDD

later on in 3rd period in geometry me and hector started passing notes to each other (or more like a post-it xD) and was just, so stupid XD



I'm guessing you guys probably can't read so well, since its kinda blur-ish (webcam was being stubborn)



me: Hi. . .o.o
hector: PENIS ._.
me: weeners.. .-.
hector: failzorz
me: wtf? o.O
hector: wtf ar teh message Fo! yo?


me: dunno... ._.
hector: -put line under my dunno xD-
me: ¬0¬
hector: o3o
me: o~o

rofl, we must've been reeeaaally bored in class xD

and i went to breakfast club meeting which marilyn invited me to go to, i thought was just to have breakfast upstairs instead of in cafeteria xD

was wroooong

tis a group of people who arrive late to school constantly, and marilyn wants to influence them to come early. and apparently I'm the "model" for them xD because I come early all the time.

annnd when we come, we go upstairs, and we're gonna do a mural in kathy's office on the plain white wall. that made me happy to be in this club :o

and also, marilyn asked everyone what would get them coming early to school, and we all agreed on her bringing in our electronics XDDD so she's gonna sneak them in (and hopefully NOT get caught, and we cant say anything about her doing so, cause she can get in trouble for going against rules like that xD)

makes me so damn happy that i might be able to bring in my stuff though :o

mom says i probably shouldnt though -.- but i might anyway.

yeeeaaaah, im tired, and got hw to finish, so i'll stop here now xD laterz.


oh and! my art teacher yelled that my drawing for his class was hot really loud when he watched me coloring it xDDD and asked if can get my she-wolf's number XDDDDD was so damn funny and unexpected.


ok bye