Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm not your princess, this ain't a fairy tale~

good song!

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haven't posted much xD I miss it a bit.

Been listening to lotsa lovey songs 0.0 mostly taylor swift stuff

romeo save me, i've been feeling so alone~


I gotsa coooold

and lauren showed me symptoms of swin flu, AND I HAVE/HAD LIKE 6 OUT OF 9

I'm so freaking out cause I do NOT want it ._.


I'm still sick of course, can't get over it that well in just two days xD only thing that I got rid of was sore throat.

x_x i got stomach pain now too...

but anyway, enough of my sickness~

I'm bored at imvu ;_; and my friend vince somewhat reminded me of someone I used to know, but can't remember who!

[.alex.] says:
*r u coming on at imvu today? o.o
Vincent says:
*wasnt planning 2
*why do u miss me?
[.alex.] says:
*oh..well uhm ._.''' dunno..

for some reason I got all, shaky. Cause he reminded me of someone I knew, but I can't remember who the person was at all.

"why, do you miss me?"

x| it's pissing me off that I can't remember who...


and then michael, from school, made me feel so happy ;_;

train8mc (9:01:53 PM): by the way hope u can come to school tomorrow
WiNdChIm3 (9:02:24 PM): i am going...but im scared to.
train8mc (9:02:53 PM): why
WiNdChIm3 (9:03:04 PM): cuz i looked up the swine flu symptoms today, and i have/had like 6 out of 9
WiNdChIm3 (9:03:32 PM): i didnt go to doctor, i just stayed home resting, and im still sick so...
WiNdChIm3 (9:03:34 PM): bleh.
WiNdChIm3 (9:03:38 PM): i hope i dont have it
train8mc (9:03:50 PM): damn that sucks massively
train8mc (9:04:01 PM): it's been kinda boring without ya
WiNdChIm3 (9:04:16 PM): i miss u guys lol
train8mc (9:04:47 PM): me to
train8mc (9:04:54 PM): miss u

T_T he made me happy, by saying he misses me...

i miss him too ._. and chris, and hugging them XD

and talking with them o.o if we wanted we could have conversations for hours Lol.

-siiiigh- i hope I survive at school x_x......

another good song..

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I wasn't the love you wanted,

I am the one you hate.

I wasn't the one you needed,

I was something you only craved,

I wasn't the one you missed,

only the one you forgot,

I wasn't the one you loved,

I was the one you...

threw away...