Saturday, September 5, 2009


Yeah, haven't posted in while xD

or has it been only a day? I DUNNO I've been staying up 24 hours lately so can't keep track of how long ago things occured XD

dirty diana~! ohhhh~

Go MJ!


what was I writing about?...i got distracted XDDD

uhhhh -thinks-....

well yeah, it completely got deleted from my brain, whatever I was gonna write before XD

OH remember now~

ahahaha ;9

I've been watching the yaoi/shounen ai WHATEVER U CONSIDER IT anime Junjou Romantica again, and man :O I never get tired of.

Junjou Romantica Pictures, Images and Photos

It's so good xD

Last one I saw waaas episode 20, and in the end one boy got banged so hard he couldn't sit down XDDDD had to stay in back of car on way home in ass rape pose rofl. I cracked up much XD

This anime has to be one of best I've ever seen XD its not just OHH LOVEY LOVEY DOVEY SMOOCHY SMUSH SMUSH, BUT funny as well :''DD VERY funny xDDDD such random crap at most romantic moments XD

so yeah, I drew my demon dude, not EXACT as I imagined at first but, its okay I guess, still haven't scanned though, cuz I would like to have it...painted, colored, something XD!

and I notice I use "XD" so frequently...

oh well~

SO YEAH read joona's blog and he said him and waste made account to second life, and I think I will too, try it out xD looks fun..

yeaaah, been feeling weird again x_x


and mom says she told not to use when she didn't!!! SUCH EVILNESS NESS..

DX I MUST WASH THAT SHIT stain even got on matress ;_; luckily it came out >>>>:/

wouldve been UBERPISSED if didnt XDDD

whats the stain u ask? lets just say its red -__- u can pretty much guess now...and why the fuck am i saying it when i didn't want to! I MUST BE FREAKIN DRUNK

anywayz...atm i talk with misa bout hospitals and docs and stuff XD many things are different with way things are done o_O like with checking weight and heart beat and all...

ahhh convos with misa are so awesome :'''D i love talking with her XD

she's doing my dream job atm too :'''''O CLOTHING DESIIIIGN

thats my dream job xD since I was little...

but wonder if that's ever gonna really happen? V_V

who knows~ we'll see in the future xD

well!! im off to continue convos with my mamasita misa :O laterz