Monday, September 21, 2009

Por qué no me dejas no me quieres aquí..verda?...

Today started off with bad morning xD

I hate being late to things, and especially school considering this year a bunch of my teachers bitch and moan about arriving later to class.

Bus driver lets everyone in on bus...he looked like one of the all night till certain am time drivers. he looked like he needed shower -_-'''

anywayz, he got out of bus when everyone sat down, and went to deli which was like right across from bus there. and he got himself breakfast I'm guessing. Then he decides to start eating when he gets back in bus too -_- that took him till 6:45 and he need to be gone by 6:40, and may be just 5 minutes, but can make big diff as to traffic, and all that jazz.

THEN way he has to go gets blocked off XDDD oh lord, so he had to drive different way, and i got off the bus at the time i would usually be one stop or two away from school on train -.-



so I get off 2 train, to go to 1 train. but lately since last week 1 train would take forever, and I just stand waiting for nothing xD so I walked from 72nd street to 66th where my school is, called my dad from pay phone and explained why the later call and all. I was so glad I got there just a few after gate was open -.- I prefer though getting there before gate opens, in case I wanna get bagel outside or be one of the very firsts inside in case I got work to finish real quick.

But anyway yeah xD that was my morning (early one that is). I was practically falling asleep in english, and that damn "delicate flower" bitch gave pop quiz =_= which i sure wasnt prepared for since I didnt even do my notes or reading over the weekend.

I failed that shit big time xD

then she said to pick up hw at lunch time right, i forgot completely. when i got home i remembered, but ya know, i blame her xD cause i mean cmon, how many people think about picking up hw during lunch ? -_- it happened to me with my math teacher too, she had hw to be picked up afterschool, i totally forgot. WHY MUST THEY DO THAT??

I had small lunch too, was lucky I didn't faint at end of the day ._. cuz my friend tashanna gave me cookie dough poptarts. MY SAVIOUR xD

and Michael got me book from car show he went to last friday with chris :'''''DDD since I didn't get to go, he brought me that MADE ME SO HAPPY

When I told my mom, she started saying I'm in love, like she does with any guy i frequently talk about -.-''' and I just tell her "NOOO, IM NOT, HE'S A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE" yada yada

then she said out of no where, "you can have a bf, just one who doesn't touch you" and I looked at her like o___O if i don't let the guys i know touch me in thaaat way, like harassing, why would I let a bf do so xD and she just warned me not to let any guy do so.

So now I don't know if I'm allowed to actually date or what xD

mom can be weird, will say something, then when I mention what she said, would say she never said so xD

ahhhhh.. I'm tired again, and will be tired in the morning...well tomorrow in general, got gym x.x only good side of that is that i have art 8D but i didn't draw over the weekened like I planned, so it's same way it was as when i took it and asked teach if i could take home to work on it.

i might work on it during lunch in kathy's room x.x

and okay here's phone, if i didn't take pic now, never would have gotten to it:


and here its with keyboard slid open:


the dp is my old dog gizmo, he passed away few years back, and lately ive been missing his presence. He was nicest dog I would ever have...and was my only friend since I was always alone..and well still kinda am... but what can I do? Can't bring my grandpa back, or my aunt, so can't bring my dog back either~

R.I.P Gizmo...I'll miss you dearly, my comfort, my company, my cuddle buddy, my long life friend...



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