Sunday, September 20, 2009


Went to movies with a bff of mine from like 3rd grade xD

we hadn't seen each other in a few years, and considering i couldn't go to her 16th bday party, least I could do was take her out next day. So took her to movies to see I can do bad all by myself. Was really good 0.0

we enjoyed our day, her nephew tagged along, and he's 14 and taller than me already o___o i was shocked, cause he used to be so small ._.

now he's so...tall...and older...and stuff o_o I kept telling "I still can't believe you're so tall already...." and he just looked down nodding xD

I had good time with Nikita (bff) and her nephew too x3

When I got home, mom reminded that I had to iron. So I started ironing about an hour after I was home. then she came in randomly asking if I was ironing for real -_- like no shit? I would take out iron board with iron, and uniforms for the fun of it?

THEN she decides to put me down =_= saying "you look hideous in those gym pants" (i was ironing my sweat pants for gym at that moment -_-) and I looked at her saying that's such nice thing to say. Then she responded that it was true, since I'm just getting fatter, and stomach is hanging over.

that pissed me off =_= and I just said "well these are the only pants I have okay."

Like, thanks for just pointing out the one thing that I really can't stand about myself. YES I'm fat, YES I'm overweight, YES certain clothes don't look good on me...Must you lower my self esteem even more? like seriously...


I have it hard enough with these freaking mirrors behind me, and every time I look, my mind automatically thinks "you look bad"

THAT'S ALL I SAY TO MYSELF. "you look bad" "you're so fat" "you're so ugly" and so on.



I think I'm done with that xD

ANYWAYZ well I haven't taken pic of my phone yet but, will eventually xD

All I know is i love it soooo muuuuch |DDD

if someone tries stealing from me, they can get a kick in the arse and a hit in the head with a rock XD

this phone shall never be stolen (i hope to god it doesn't get stolen from me x_x) and it shall never get broken :D (lets hope my clumsy hands stay careful)

and now a goodbye with a good song~


Kat said...

Like srsly, parents need to shut the hell up and take a look in the mirror for themselves ¬¬

You're fine the way you are, and everyone has something that they don't like about their own body.

Don't let them drag you down, :3