Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We Humans...Are True Monsters

You MUST watch this


Joona told me he was watching and he posted on his blog, so I decided to see what was so sad...and my god...I've cried so much while seeing this.

The way we treat animals is just so wrong, its evil.


Even in the video, if everyone saw, they would become vegetarians, and ya know what, I think me and my dad are going to become vegetarians.

It can be hard at first yeah o_o but would be so much better, not just for animals, but for us as well.

I'm gonna try to learn how to make veggie burgers! :D

I need to learn how to cook anyway so xD


much thanks to joona AGAIN because that really showed me things I couldn't even imagine being done.

Away from this subject, today i woke up feeling the true pain of my breakup I believe xD

my heart was kinda racing, cause I suddenly imagined being with her in rl.

and like ._. i thought to myself, "I'm still in love....I'm in love, but I'm not taken anymore"

I felt sooo weird man xD like my heart raced, and I was tearing up a lot, feeling like I was gonna faint, a lot of weird stuff.

All this while watching Junjou romantica XDDD i think that triggered the feeling of always wanting her beside me soooo badly.

v___v -sigh- typical me, I knew I wasn't over it xD I mean, I acted like I was okay, but I felt empty ya know?

I'm missing her, and I ended the relationship, and I'm STILL wondering if when she does get online, will she care, or just shrug it off?

UUGGGHHH so much thinking XD

hurts poor brain~ Whirling Pictures, Images and Photos

I'll stop for now v.v

REMINDER: WATCH THAT DOCUMENTARY! here's link again -> http://veg-tv.info/Earthlings