Monday, October 19, 2009

At School


I'm at school atm, in advisory.

My teacher is absent, apparently seriously ill, funny how my geometry teacher was absent too o.o

I'm bored, and my eyes are so damn watery -_-

Put on blue eyeliner and eye shadow today, and ppl are all like "OMG I LOVE YOUR EYES" and i respond with a " doesn't even look good" xD imo it doesn't, but that's what i have on.

I also realized I need to straighten hair again tonight, cuz its like wavy-ish on certain areas on the top.

11:36 am...

I feel tired already, and I had soda for lunch and now its got my stomach feelin weird..

Lunch is at 10:22 am, and it's been a while since I've had soda in the morning, so I guess my stomach is reacting badly xD

Ugh...this comp keyboard is sooo dirty e___e I don't like touching it....

I wish I had some type of windex and a cloth to clean this...dirty crap...

but fun thing is its a mac comp :O one of the first that came out, when it used to be separate from the monitor. Runs pretty nicely even though its so old. I want a mac badly now ._. doesn't even have to be new XD even though new is nice 0.0

only thing is I don't think imvu came out for mac yet! that'd be downside of v.v

Wow I'm writing a lot, it's been a while eh xD

I miss mikee damnit T_T I think might only be able to catch her one day on weekend, cuz of time.

Wish she was neighbor! or like 3 blocks away, maybe even in another borough, would be nice -.- not other side of world...

morning here...night there...

the hours are crazy, and it's hard to catch her after fridays D: cuz its like, next day at her place.

If that makes any sense.

lawl this comp says its 8:40 pm XDD rofl, waaay off time...wonder if i can change that.....o.o......


yay :'D got it on time..

surprised I didn't mess it up or anything...xD

WOOOOOOO today i go shopping with dad, lotsa stuff to buy for home xD

meeeh...o.o i'm gonna try listening to music quietly here...

annd that's it for now i guess xD

laterz everyone~ :3