Tuesday, October 13, 2009


You look at me with that cherubic face,
hiding the evil within you.
Our altercation finally silenced,
and all we do now is stare.

I used to be your adherent
with everything you did.
But now I truly see the lies.
I could only dissent with your choices.
You seem to enjoy causing pain.

I, next to you,
am a pauper,
while your money is practically coming out your mouth.
All you're good for is trouble,
you're eminent for making angels irate.

I wish I can fabricate a new soul for you.
One out of gold,
maybe that will exorcise the soul you have now.
Full of poison...
Dripping the blood of your victims.

Your job to pilfer confidence from within me will now be terminated...

Diablo, te voy matar.