Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gas Leak?


There was a gas leak xD

We had a fire drill at 7:30 am, then all of a sudden in 2nd period at like 9 or 9:15-ish the fire alarm rang again o.o so I felt something was wrong, cause why would we have 2 fire drills, its only one each time we do it, and a different time each time xD

So on way down to exit building, the students from the other school kept saying that there's a gas leak. I was like O_O OH LORDY

We stood outside for hour and a half, luckily it wasn't cold to point we freeze out there for so long. We saw Con Edison come, and police as well, and everyone was just wondering what the hell was going on XD

when we finally got to go back in, it was lunch time, and then they went around saying that they didn't know what was going to happen just yet, so to just stay in 2nd period classroom. We were hungry though =_= and wanted our lunch time, and we sat in there for a good 3 hours because principals of all school were having meeting as to what to do, and in end they sent us back to class in 6th period -_- dumb fucks i swear, took 3 hours just to continue school day, i wanted to go home.

I was lucky to get my lunch at my locker few minutes before they sent us to our 6th period classes, but a lot of people didn't get to eat anything at all, because they couldn't provide people with lunch. That really pissed me off cause people had huge headaches since they didn't eat, and certain ones were so bad they looked sick. My friend Katelin looked like she suddenly got a seriously bad cold, and said how her head hurt so much.

Our teacher said how the lunches they were supposedly providing us with were supposed to be going around the school, but they sure didn't arrive -_-


i swear wanted to kill the principals yesterday for all that.

(blogger can go fuck itself -_- stupid html shit, now im pissed again xD =.=''' not writing over what i had here, i can live without, and u can too xD)

Guess what, I imagine being with you each day, but the day will come, when I won't have to imagine anymore right?