Saturday, October 17, 2009

Guest_xMYxSWAGxSOxFRESHx has joined the chat
Guest_xMYxSWAGxSOxFRESHx: Hi my name is Daina and i work for imvu and theres a big virus going around and i need you passcode to get on imvu to get the virus OFF FOR GOOD!! (P.s the virus deletes you acount and im not a theif i dont do that.)
LobaLunar: uh..o_O right..
Guest_xMYxSWAGxSOxFRESHx: please this is not a joke if all the imvu people don't get imvu virus off then imvu will be closed forever!!
LobaLunar: <_<...

Left after that xD

She actually wants me to believe her -.-'''

as if xD

if ppl work for imvu wouldnt their names be bought already? o_O seriously..

ANYWAYZ yah, i still gots hw to do, and waiting to see if gf gets on, I miss her and want to see pics of her x| if she took any at her school dance xD -hoping she did ~drool~- anywayz~

yeeaaah. short post i know, cba to write anymore xD



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