Wednesday, October 14, 2009


PSAT = Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test


from 9:30 am to 12:05 pm.

And boy, it went fast xD I only finished one section of it.

It's broken down into 5 sections, and whats funny is the 5th one, which was the longest, was one I finished completely -.- all the others I left like the last 5 or so blank cause ran out of time xD

well, this was basically the PRACTICE SAT exam for me.

The SAT basically tests your math and english skills, us high school students take in our junior and senior year (least ms. bryant told us we take it in junior year too o_O) and its for colleges so u can get scholarships and suuuch. For some colleges its required to take, but for others they don't really care much for.

For my high school's college (The one I want to go to, but still gotta broaden my search..) I gotta take the SAT, and get least 520 points in each section. and my GPA (grade point average) atm, has to be an 80 (B)

not so bad xD but I'm like failing 3 classes...was failing 4 0.0 but suddenly my chemistry went up to a D-...

but yeah anyway xD

It went by soooo fast x_x and they say we must start studying NOW for it, its not something u study for overnight and crap.

and that just made me feel stressed out xD cuz whats gonna happen when the day comes, and then suddenly I feel unprepared x_x


ah well, dont wanna think of such. but yeah...

I has an essay due friday and GUESS WHAT didn't even start :'D tomorrow night's sure gonna be hell to paaay~