Monday, October 19, 2009

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Well, my stupid english teacher says she's gonna post hw on blog, she never did -.-

and when I got home parents got pissed at me cause I came late, since I had stayed in Kathe's room after school for a while. and I was apparently supposed to go to this tutoring place to some teacher friend of my dads today after school, and i didn't know i was supposed to start going THIS week -___-

and dad got upset then started saying how im being sent to live with mom =_= and i told him then i'm living in street. and well yeah. So i did hw at dads job, then started playing dominoes with him and his friends, then him and mom started arguing about what some idiot did with the garbage in the hall of the apartment building and ohhh lordy.

they were yelling nonstop for like a good 30 minutes, I was getting so annoyed. then at end dad told me again to pack my clothes up and go to grandma's cause i'm living with mom, and mom looked at him saying he was being ridiculous, what does their argument have to do with me, and he said no he's tired of being argued with by me and by her.

and then she told me after he went to hall that if he yells to just stay shut, and i might end being with her and yada yada yada

and then i was supposed to go shopping with dad and get all my shit for lunch this week and he told me to stay and i got so fuckin pissed =_= now he's callin me asking me shit about if i want this and that and i keep telling, "i cant tell u if i want it because I AM NOT THERE TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT"

forget it man, he seriously just...UGH =_=

and then while i was here some detectives came here out of no where knockin on door to second level of house, and i was like wtf who are you o_O when i saw them.

and i opened door, and this lady with the dude who knocked said hi and said they were detectives and i asked who they were looking for, and they told me name of some chick who doesnt live here, so i told them they got wrong house, and that there is no person of that name here, and then they asked if this was house number 428 and i said yes, then she looked at her paper saying "oh wait its 438...I'm sorry" and they went on with their search.

Now that i think of, i'm wondering what that person is under investigation for xD

could be either:

alcohol use
abused person
or abusive person

I'm guessing...around here that'd be at top of list.

but yeah -_-''''' I got so damn angry i swear....

and watch him cry to his mommy here! thats when real shits gonna start =_=

oh loorrd...i'll stop here...bye